Random Tuesday and Wednesday Night Out

Trident and Dirtbags...my 2nd homes


Francis licking Mike's shirt...interesting

I think the guy is supposed to be in back?

Lucas has seen enough, he's gettin wasted

Yay, Alysha came

Alysha monitoring the chugging contest between Beefcake and Lucas

Looks like Josh's toast came a little too late

MIS morning cohort kids...8am class after a night like this can't be fun

The three smallest kids at the bar

Mary fuckin hammered and hangin on Will

Little Jeff actually came out...even Brendan is amazed

Nick and his hot ass 30 year old g/f from FL

Darrel tellin Vince I'm the man, like he didn't already know

Paul, Alysha and Shredded

Tyler hard at work...right

Always nice to see Mark gettin hammered on a Tuesday

I think she's stickin her ass out on purpose, but Darrel is makin sure everyone sees it just in case

Zuke, not looking at the camera as usual, atleast this time he got creative and looked up

Alysha, and Zuke goin back to lookin at the floor

Lucas, Deutch, Zuke and Alysha

Jered and Brendan actually made it to Trident on a Tuesday...I think they deserve an A for effort, or alcoholic, which ever you prefer

Connie and Sera...both so drunk they are actually holding each other up

Spencer in fine form as always

Vince and Connie

Banetti giving his usual hello

Kelly and Chelsea in fine form as always

Shredded and Justin

Vince and Pimp Tight, both about to say something that is probably very important...well, maybe not

Vince probably shouldn't, but when has that ever stopped anyone, honestly?

That's what you get for not looking at the camera, your face won't be in any of the pictures, ZUKE!

Julie and Zuke, smiling and looking at the camera...finally

Ooooo, that sucks. And that kids is why you don't set your drinks on the pool table

Me and Candee

Me and Candee...again

Dan the Man, wasted as usual...yet another sign you know it's Tuesday at Trident

Candy and Candee....oh snap!

No clue

Ryan totally sober complaining about how he isn't drunk...never seen that before

Sera and Connie still standing, it's a miracle

Melissa and Ryan...bad pic

Better picture, if some asshole hadn't put his fuckin hand in it

Michelle and Justin...how cute

Don't remember

Jake, Paul and Darrel after Jake got put on temporary leave from Dbags

Me and Cassie, freshman english 101...funny where you run into the kids you actually talked to in class 3 years later

I don't know what he took, but I want one

I put my life in danger by standing in the middle of oncomming traffic to take this and Paul fuckin ruined it...ass

Chelsea about to say something, probably slurred together and in the wrong order

Happy guys

As if it was possible to be happier than before

I forgot what this was, but it was funny at the time

Kino pointing at something... and most likely it is something only he can see

How can you not love this guy?

Kino showin off his hat...it's still not that cool dude

Little Jeff drunk, but not out

How the fuck did that happen? Honestly?

Me and Candee at Dirtbags

AJ won't smile so Jeff pretends to be AJ...ok, that was bad, but you know you laughed

Julie turning her back in refusal to be in a picture alone

Deutch, Candy, Julie, Brendan, Elmo and some other dude

Gabe givin Paul a little extra help gettin out of the bar

Gabe throwin Beerfcake out

What better timing, the Bud truck pulls up right as a bunch of drunk college kids have to leave the bar...coincidence, I think not

Tyson whiped his ass on Mariah, now she has dog poo on her pants... but he's so cute you can't even yell at him

Look at the little guy...such a panty dropper/girlfriend stealer, it's great

Meagan is actually out at a bar...finally

Me and Meagan...again

Me and Brooke

Me and Heather

Kurt, Me and Heather

Chelsea and Brooke showin off


OH SNAP! Dodds and Jivich kissing...so hot

That's right girls, smile for the camera, you deserve it

Interesting form for flicking someone off

Meagan having trouble getting her cigarette lit and holding her beer

Vince rockin the cowboy hat after commin straight from Cactus Moon

And as usual Kirk is right behind him...

Hopefully Mike will just happen to lose my tab

Dammit, well atleast it will be low? On second thought, probably not

Me and Jess

Tyler and Big Mike, stupid mirror

Me and Alex, with Chris sneakin in to add some character to the picture

Yosepa avoiding pictures by hiding behind the taps

Too fast for the camera

Yosepa trying to look as cute as possible while closing someone's tab

Silly rugby players

Jamie doin the crossword to increase his intelligence...well u gotta do somethin when u're bored and can't drink

The sketchy ass indian cab drivers

Darrel and Jivich, both tired of taking pictures