Random Nights in Old Town

Dos, Dirty Pretty and Salty


Me and Stephanie @ Dos

Josipa, Me and Stephanie

And again...

Me and Mom

The Little Twins...

2 sets of twins :)

Ok, last one

Douchebagery at it's finest

Stephanie and Josipa...trashed

Bokino, Me and Candee

Randoms, Bokino, Me, and Candee gettin a little frisky

Candee and Steve-O

Candee, Me and SteveO...what's with the shaved heads?

Dave, Stephanie, Josipa and Me

Stephanie got tired

So she actually made me carry her across the sreet

Stephanie and Me

Fire breating bar dude @ Dirty Pretty

Fire Breathing dude

Me and Shera =)

Shera and Fowler

Fowler and Josipa

Shera was the only one ready for this pic

Me and Shera

Hi Dan


Ok, last one

Kyle the bouncer lookin extra not happy

Shera and her friend


I'm gonna leave this one alone...

No clue

Who are these people and why do I have pictures of them?

Hmm...wonder what he is showin Shera a picture of?

No explanation needed on why this is funny

Random unhappy dudes

Sweet hat

Shera, Fowler and randoms

Lucas chillin at his table at the end of the night...

That's the sad, sad look of a guy that came home alone

"Guyyyysss...come on"

Lucas can't takeit anymore...bed time

Josipa and Stephanie at Salty

Katelyn chillin w/ us after she got off

Me and Katelyn

Lucky, the drowned rat