SAM Red Tag Party was fun while it lasted

The house before the red tage

Stanton pimpin' on the AEPhi girls

Beth and Jorie chillin on the couch

Brian Nick and Ryan drinkin it up

My little bro Chris pimpin as usual

Cindy Allison, Kristie, Stacy, Erinne and Krystal

Me and Cindy

Corey gettin some more beer

Evan had a few left over beads

The guys who live on my wing in Kaibab

Hadar and Heather

Heather and cute!

Joe and Casey chillin'

Joe takin a break from workin the tap

John and some random chick

John, Lauren and her friend

Kacey and Erinne are hammered

Kacey gettin another drink that she probably doesn't need

The Ho Squad graces us with their presence

Lauren and her friend?

Lauren and John

Me and Lauren...I dont know who she is or why she is in so many pics?

Lauren kissing her friend...right

Mary and Allison kickin it in the back with everyone

Me and Krystal

Me infront of the Red Tage after it got put up...shit

Random party pic

Another random pic

Liz and her friends from Sigma Kappa...

Some kid, Steve, Potter, Stacey, Casey, and Meredith

Stefanie and Raquel partyin over at the house...finally