Trip to Rocky Point, Kappa's Dirty Pirate Hooker Date Dash and Tailgating

Even more reasons why I wish I was still in college


A phone in the gas station we stopped at inside one of the booths just in case you wanted to call someone while enjoying a delecious deli snack

Hey look! I'm Adam Walter...except in Mexico

No clue

Another fine photo from Josh

Paul makin sure my beer was open before passing it to me...just to be on the safe side

OHHHHH!!! CASA BONITA! CASA BONITA! FOOD, FIESTA AND FUN!!! I can't believe we actually saw this

Nah...too early to stop yet

Ah, Rocky Point...soo beautiful and so half way developed. The same way it has been for the last 20 years

See...there are nice parts in Mexico

A boat made out of titties...awesome

Nice little lunch time gathering

Some big rock thing

Josh makin sure his hands are clean

Josh enjoyin a delecious cocktail on a delecious day

Paul and Beefcake tryin not to drown

Josh passed out on the beach

Lovely beach view...of NO ONE else, kinda weird

Water and some shit

Just water

Water and some more shit...ya, I was gettin kinda bored at this point

But not bored enough

More water

Rocks and some random house or somethin

Ok kids, time to go

Paul cleaning my window...ha

Beefcake, Dodds and Paul @ Trident...before I got kicked out

Doddie and some random

Jane and Syd

PR and Owens

Beefcake tryin to slip away from the picture without Box knowing

I don't even know how to begin to describe this

Me and Box outside Trident cause Paulstar is a fucking douchebag

Box and Josh, how cute

Great spot Josh, next time wait another hundred yards and piss inside dirtbags

Ya, they wouldn't let me in Dirtbags...again, fuckin assholes

Oh snizzle snap! Could it be?!?!?!

It is!!! It's Malibu Paul and his accessory Mercedes cute

Gangsta Pirates prepartyin before Kappa's date dash

All the Kappas

Mariah and Paul

It's gonna be a long night...

Adam drinking (weird) and Lindsay

Adam and Lindsay

Beefcake just saw somethin and ODB

Paul and Mariah

Mariah and Neavit

Adam and comment

Oh snap!

Dirty Pirate Hookers for sure

Sweet floor shot

Paul, her mouth is about 4 inches away...keep fightin the good fight though

Adam with 2 girls

Adam tryin to grab as many girls as possible to make out with him all at once

Ya know you're down

See....girl on girl action is great for everyone, not just the parties involved

Biggest fuckin smile out of Adam EVER

Mariah and some random?

Hard to tell if Paul is posing for the picture or if he is just being held up

YES! Show me love!

WEAK SAUCE!!! On the lips please!

Or Mariah could always rub her nipples, whatever works for you guys

Beefcake has no idea where he is

Freshman Paul in fine form as always

Freshman Paul and his date

I didn't take this...but thank you, to whoever did


Mariah and some random Kappa

Mary and Mariah

The thoughts and possibilities are racing through ODB's mind

Paul and Matt

Titty twisters for everyone...awesome

Are you fucking kidding me?!

If there is anyway the picture before was not enough...this one takes the cake, my hat goes off to you Adam, you win my friend

Adam tryin to look at the beautiful stars...inside, nice try

Well, not the best picture, but it captured what most people wanted to see

Beefcake castin a spell or some shit on Marcus

Me and Neavit

Josh proving once again he has the longest middle fingers EVER

Sweet hat, fag

I think Josh is tryin to blow her hair out of the way?

ODB and Paul

Beefcake concentrating very hard on somethin

Some gay sailor

Wonder where that shirt came from, oh snap!

Scottie Eh and Candice...and Knuden in the background

Wilbur the Wildcat...fuckin sun

Sam, Keil and Fosse

Me and Sam tailgatin

Me and Keil

Fosse and Alice...random

Sam, aren't you a little old for freshman?

I dont remember this at all

Bunch of randoms

Me, Ward, Jenna and Hogan

HOLY SHIT! Of all people I run into Taymo on the mall!

Paul, Adam, and Josh...little blurry, probably should have quit drinkin a while ago

Garret's new tattoo...random

People shot @ the tailgate

Every person in the picture looks like they are tryin to say somethin

Something tells me that some kid got pushed over for no reason and it was funny...just a guess though

Fuckin Adam...

Soooo blurry

Beall and Weir

Scottie, Brenner, SteveO and some randoms

Jesus christ, I can't even take a fuckin picture anymore

Neavit lovin that keystone light

Josh, Buskos, Knuden, Adam...and oh snap! Neavit creapin into this one

Even the pictures make it look like it's spinning outside

Knuden fell down...with help from noone

I could have sworn that kid was a midget...apparently not

Random, Jacklyn, and Lindsay

I don't know who this kid is

Sweet shirt Layton

And it just gets fuzzier

Some parking lot?

Courtney enjoyin her breakfast

Tyson wants to play

Extreme closeup of the little guy

Carryin Jon's fuckin TV into the living room because there isn't one...ghetto ass motherfuckers for sure

I'm so high right now! Nothing can hurt me!

Half of courtney

Paul had been holding that deck for about 20 mins tryin to deal

Me sleeping...seriously

SOOO fucking gross...that can't feel good

Paul and Mariah