San Francisco for the Weekend

Galea's Spring Break and Jackie's sister's birthday


No one knows where we're going...sweet

Sener disappointed with his girlfriend already

Ohhh yea, remember that one time...

Sean, Jess, Jackie and Galea

Look how much his beautiful hair shimmers!

It's harder taking pictures on a trolley standing up than you would think...

Possibly my favorite picture of the weekend...rockstar Jackie hangin out of the Trolley as we stopped traffic

The whole moving thing got annoying

Sener can't walk already

Only the guy in the awesome flanel is paying attention...creepy

Kerri and Meggan

Sener is just laughing at Hakan

So much of Sener's power is derived from his truely is amazing

Sener is into kinky shit

Don't worry Jess, Sener only likes boys


Sener and Galea

First pair of fake tits I saw...thank god

This was just weird

And it only got worse

Ok, well she's obviously not going to take her top off

Sweet boots...



Ya, I fucked that one up cute

Hooray for open bar

Sener loves to dance

Best friends forever!


Dude rockin the hat from Pier 23

Me and Jackie and Galea lookin at that damn squirrel again

This is why I don't let other people use my camera

Jackie grindin up on her sister...nice

Rico Suave

Oh boy...

Seth's wife

The happy couple

That is some solid distance right there

Fight outside of Hustler so we couldn't go in

Retards talkin shit

The jack shack across the street from Huster...Heaven was the name of it, probably because it's on the second floor?

Tourist was an amazing day though, perfect for day drinking

Shotgunning PBR @ Taylor's...classy

Do we look like the two gayest guys in sho

Hakan, Sener and Jess

OMG! Sener is actually smiling and looking at the camera...creepy

Jackie and Jess

I don't think it's going to work don't have any string

'Excuse me, can I get next game? HOLY SHIT! SARA!"...ya, that's how I ran into her

Me and Sara playin beer pong at bar none

Hakan's suicide bomb apparently had a short in it and didn't work

Hakan lookin' a little jealous that Sener found a new friend

No chance...

See, told you

Mr and Mr. Myiagi...this guy was fuckin awesome!

Best idea ever, let's play with Jager bombs instead of beer...UofA represent!

No clue

WTF is Sener pointing at?

Hakan, you can point all you want, you're still going to lose

Sener trying to say the ball isn't regulation size

The sun never sets on these bad asses

Maybe if you both throw at the same time it'll go in?

Pre-toss prayer to Allah...fucking terrorists

Hakan gettin sketched out by the weirdo next to him

Jedi shit don't work on my fucker!

Anger and frustration setting in

Sener is now at a photoshoot

No clue

Nicole spending her break playing beer pong...this chick is awesome!

We've been playing for a little too long

Jon and Hakan

Now I see where Sener gets it

If I didn't know better I'd think that was Sener


Who knows

Hakan, Me and Jon

Probably not the best way to get a cab...and why is Galea still wearing his sunglasses?

Hakan totally ignoring the fact he almost got run over by a Range Rover

At the 'M' party, and since we didn't have time to change, we all went as a fucking Mess

We have to take our shoes off before we go into your house, yet you're laying in an alley?

And posing

Chris just screams bad ass

Sener always wanted to be in Cirque de Soleil

I think they have a shot...

ya right...performing in the Castro maybe

Maneater...creepy but clever

Jennifer, Galea, Jackie and Hakan bending over?

Squirrel were everywhere

Wasted...all of us

Jackie, the MAC makeup artist, and Jennifer, the mime


The mailbomber stole a bottle of Alize...awesome

Jackie, Jennifer and Galea

Too bad it wasn't a 'B' party, Chris could have said he was black

And Sener's break dancing party begins


look at his HAIR! I can't take my eyes off of it

No clue

All he is missing is the cardboard

Hakan just decided to lay down on the ground again


Sener callin people out

Sener tryin to find a challenger

Oh snap, a black guy....ya, he was your Alize Galea


Galea and the foreign chicks who we couldn't understand but just kind of pretended to listen

Galea pounding the Bud heavy our cab drive gave us...awesome

Random cafe

Easter Sunday dinner @ Showgirls...don't act like you're surprised

I'm gonna go ahead and guess I'm not going to make my flight

Sener is awesome


What the fuck did I do to my leg...again

GIGGLY! Heeeeyyyy

Jess and Jackie at lunch before Jess flipped out and threw her menu at some 7 year old...awesome

Seriously, what is with the fucking cup cake stores?

They are like $3 each, but there is a $10min for credit card purchases

They look kinda like different Ecstasy pills....that would be way cooler

Tourist time

Scenic view

Sener lost deep in thought


nap time

Jackie after a long drunk weekend that started with..."IT'S A BABY!!!!!!"

Some bridge that is important or something?

There is a bum sleeping under there I swear

Group shot...we needed one more girl though

And again...because the first guy that we asked to take it took a picture of just our feet, and then one of the sky. how fucking hard is it to take a picture?

My sister's other job

They were holding joke

MOST bullshit icecream store ever, I waited 20 mins after I waited 15 to order and never got my god damn vanilla shake. FUCKING BULL SHIT! trip though