San Francisco Party Weekend

Thank god I don't live there or I'd for sure be dead by now...


Danielle and Lori

Dinner @ Ace Wasabi

Me and Messy

I have no clue what the lady just put on our table

Danielle pimpin it

Holy shit I look gay

Lori not sure what she wants to order

Lori flashin the bling bling

Chris, Ryan and Me @ Bar None

Lori and Carly

Randoms dancing on tables

Chris and his dental school friends

Carly, Dena and Ryan

Me and Dena

Dena talkin mad shit!

Carly and Ryan

Extreme close up

I'm gonna go throw up now

I don't even know where to begin

Sophie, Carly and Kimberly

Sophie and Kim

Ya, I'm awesome

Sooo bombed

Way too cool to be in a picture

Ryan, Carly, Dena and Chris...what the fuck is Ryan looking at

Chris and Messy

Even Mark can't believe it

Motherfucker that took the last beer

Messy strikin a pose to down his beer

Lori and some random


That is one sweaty motherfucker

Messy, Lori and Me

That's a keeper

Poor Lori

Lori passed out in the chair

Galea's awesome broken bed, way to go Carly and Ryan

Carly and Ryan @ Beach Chalet

Ellie and Troy

Probably shouldn't have stood in front of the window, oh shot

Ryan getting shot with an had to be there

Those are some sexy sunglasses

Ryan and Carly @ Fishbowl

So awesome

Ya, he is seriously making fish noises and playing with goldfish

Ryan and Carly @ Tortilla Heights... before we got kicked out

Our waitress cleaning shit up...that she spilled

Galea tryin to put on Carly's sweater... not gonna happen

Ryan could be explaining quantum physics to Carly

Me and Galea...bombed @ 4 in the afternoon

Awesome face Carly

And another...


Gaze into my eyes...

Too drunk to even kiss...awesome

Very sexy Ryan

...yet again

Even Carly looks confused

I forget, there is a story behind this though

Ryan got tired of drinking margaritas out of a glass so he decided to poor it into his empty Corona bottle

And we wondered why we got kicked out?

Classy Ryan

Chris and Alahna...nice Ryan

The start to an amazing sequence...

Someone is for sure gonna fall down...

So drunk

And down goes Carly...the first time

Ryan helping her up

Too drunk to walk

Carly watching Ryan pee through the fence

Yea...he was peeing for a while

The happy drunks

Ryan is not havin it

Putting ice on Carly's head after she went head first ino the elevator

Galea tryin to fix his bed...

But he passed out for about 15 mins while he was doin it

Galea gettin a power nap in

Ryan trying to tea bag Galea

and he failed miserably

Obviously it takes 7 cops to stop a tour bus

And then kick everyone off

Hooray for dental student

Jack and Chris

Random shot @ Element

Jack's girlfriend and Galea...trashed

Random and Jack's girlfriend...she's got amazing eyes

Chris is beyond trashed

Jack holdin it down

I forget

Tryin to find Galea...oh wait, he got kicked out

Don't remember


Rainbow Brite @ Pier 23

Worst job in the world

Chicks dancing on tables in the middle of the day on Sunday...awesome

Nice snag Galea...

Hooray for Sunday Funday

Me and Lori

So is that like your real job?

Ok, I feel bad, come take a shot

Rainbow Brite's tray full of shit

Should have worn sunglasses

Way too bright

Much better...Me, Messy and Lori enjoyin Sunday Funday @ Pier 23

Well played Galea... never thought it would happen

Lori w/ a table of douche bags behind her

Messy hangin out

Messy and Lori in a deeply intellectual conversation

I don't think those guys @ that table could be any more fucking lame

Hooray for tourist shots

And another

So ya, we fit 7 people in Messy's car without using the truck...awesome

Galea and Stephanie, the random dancing on the table earlier


Galea found a new friend

Me and Mary...I think?

I forget

Little Hazy

Messy just chillin

Sooo difficult to get up @ this point