Spring Break 2003

Hey, At Least I Wasn't In Tucson

Hi Deutch

Number 2 neatly arranging the bottles

Asa gettin his game face on

Milhouse and Potter

The wall of shame

Potter and Flounder prepare for an intense match

Hi Potter

It's game time

Flounder's Shot

Potter's ball mid-flight

Sara in the 80Mph batting cage

Bumper boats i think


Kickin it with KDX at Golf 'n Stuff



Arta looks like the biggest Asshole ever...and loves it

My new bong

Sunset on the way to PHX

Another shot of the sunset


Dana, Dan and Me

Tone Tone

Jean and Clare

Amy and Tash Tash

Only Clare

Clare, Amy and Jean

Amy and Jean gettin freaky

' Lickedy split' says Jean

Amy and Jean

Tone and Will from up top

Me and Amy

Clare, Amy and Jean

Thad was drooling on the carpet so we put a plate under his head

Thad passed out on the floor


Grr Grr Grr

Clare is WASTED

I think I see tongue!

Now THAT is a plumber's crack

No clue

Jean givin some lovin to her pizza

Jean sportin the sombrero

Yo fool

Mark is a supporter of Mount Gay Rum...right

Hi Tiffany

Tiffany, Mark and Alex

Tiffany, Mark and Alex right after Tiffany's beer bong

I think Alex wants one

Thad helpin Alex get a perfect pour, well almost perfect

Just DO IT

2nd thoughts?

Mark chuggin some Wine

Alex bongin his beer

Alex bongin another beer

Jean and Alex, how cute...

Mark, Travis, Thad and Alex

Jean helpin Tiffany drink while she cheers on Mark

I've never seen 2 girls more excited for someone to do a beer bong



Mark and Tiffany

The prefered cup to drink out of for the night

Now that takes talent...

Stacey and Katie


Joe and Graham stopped by

Pick a bong

Joe and Graham takin rips...TO THE DOME

Wonder why Zuke's collar is up

Twice in one night has to be some kind of record, especially two of such quality

The Dominoes guy stopped long enough to play a game of beer pong....awesome

Um...i forget

Looks like they lost whatever it was

We were feelin those good vibrations...til 20 beat our 19

I dont think they even knew I took a picture