Spring Break 2004 in Mazatlan

Hola, Mas Importante Alto. Y Ughh

Necesitamos mas Rumplestiltskin? Si, Es Muy Bueno

Me mixin up some drinks for the bus

Waiting at the Nogales border for everyone to pay the bullshit $20 "tourism" fee

Some dude on the bus tryin to guzzle his foam

Jonelle and Mallory

Jonelle givin her beer some lovin

Where can I get a StudentCity.com shirt like that?

Paul is so excited all he can do is smile

Me and Dodds

Jonelle and Jose

Johnny sippin on his 32oz of Pacifico cause 40oz weren't available

Darrel makin sure our good friend in the bathroom didn't go anywhere

The dude that guzzled foam tryin to be cool by association by keepin the male escort in the bathroom

Jonelle and some dude

Jonelle and Dodds

Katie gettin some lovin from Autumn

Mallory and Dodds

Mallory, Jonelle, Dodds, Autumn and Katie

The "hottest" guy on the bus...Hansel is so hot right now

Jonelle givin Hansel the only beer he would get from me

Me and Alysha

Mallory, Dodds and Jonelle...all totally sober

Dodds, Jonelle and even Pacifico makin a cameo

Dodds...better known as the Ruffles con Queso stealer

Mauricio chillin up front


What was left of the cooler when everyone had pretty much quit drinkin

Maybe a plastic cooler would have been a better idea

Mallory with some amazing sex hair, minus the sex part

Jonelle and Dodds makin sure Mallory is awake

Mallory tryin to cover up her hair

Westside Dodds

Johnny passed the fuck out

First of many super party fouls on the trip

Bordo and Dodds waitin out front of the Riviera

Alysha rockin her Dos Equis shirt lookin hot

Dodds just got out of the shower

Alysha and Bordo

Jonelle is still drunk

Katie gettin ready to go otu

Oh ya?

The girls all done up to go out and party

Lucas can hardly speak he is so excited

Lickedy split is right

Hola Miss VIP

Who got some sun? Thses girls

Umm..nice skirt?

Jonelle practicing in case she gets up on stage with another girl

Paulo Caliente and Drunk Darrel

Dodds and Bordo

That's hot

Paul definitly rockin Hansel's hat...es muy beuno

Mallory mean muggin cause she hasn't seen what i put in her hair yet

Ya...now u're smilin

Why does Paul seem so much bigger than Lucas and Johnny

Jonelle, Dodds and Mal

Alysha and Bordo

Me and Alysha

A tripple kiss would have been alot cooler

Darrel has found his prey

He's gettin her attention about to say his line...

"Hey, why dont you drop this zero and get with the hero" at which point he was back to lookin for another girl

Lucas can't believe he just witnessed Darrel say those words

Alysha and Bordo dancin up on the platform

Mandy, Lucas and Anna

Alysha rockin an amzing skirt

Paul and Alysha

Random pic of the Mardi Gras party inside Bora Bora

Alysha found a new boy apparently

Who's Drunk? That Guy

The Dos Equis girls...muy caliente

Bora Bora's other bar

I forget why this was funny

Mr. Big Man holdin the only two cups that the Dos Equis girls let him keep after he had 8

More random people

Oh ya, they're drunk

Mallory and the guy who thought she wouldn't bite....little did he know

This beer can looked like a sprinkler....i know, i should have made it a movie

Johnny and Lucas laughin after Paul told Darrel he had to sleep in the bed with his Girlfriend

Lucas is far from sober

Paul decides to join the happy couple in bed and squeeze in the middle

Johnny has the biggest boner EVER

Paul had enough of sleeping the other bed so he tried the other one

How did Darrel end up sleeping on the floor next to me

Oh, apparently because Paul is in bed with Bordo

Johnny and Lucas finally have a bed to themselves

Paul and Darrel end up on the floor together....that didn't last long

Wow, this is why falling asleep on the beach is bad

Hey Lucas, I think that table is talkin shit

Johnny has no idea what's goin on

Lucas chillin on the wall with his Corona

Steph, Alysha, Jonelle, Syd and Mallory all dressed up

The Sigma Kappa girls ready to go find some dick

Alcoholics anonymous and college spring break...definite oxymoron

Us chillin with the Iowa State kids that were cool as shit

Jonelle, Alysha and Mallory

Autumn and Dodds

Who wants to run a train?

Me and Katie

Katie and Dodds

Dodds and Alysha

Jonelle's tits are all wet

More cerveza for these girls

Katie, Alysha and Jonelle

Oh yes, that is Me gettin it crunk in the VIP with Moe Williams from the Vikings...definitly one of the coolest guys ever

Alysha and Moe

Shenner has no idea what's goin on

Mallory and Dodds

Alysha is definitly not sober

Me, Syd, Jonelle and Chris

One more is right Shenner, keep drinking

Ryan and another dude from UofA

Shenner and Morgan

Morgan, Me and Alysha

Alysha and Shenner gettin freaky

Shenner and Chris

Moe is likin what he sees

In the VIP once again

Taryn and two other chicks from UofA I think

It's P!

Bartender gettin a few sipps in here and there

Mallory with Aaron and Bucky from Texas

Looks like Taryn is gettin some lovin

Chris found a hottie

No clue who this guy is

P workin on gettin some lovin

Moe big pimpin w/ two bitches

Moe found himself a soccer player

Jell-O wrestling...awesome

Don't stop, get back in there

Iowa State girls...oh ya

Beaner pops in for another pic

This guy was weird as hell

Lucas lookin not too excited about the current ratio

More rumplestiltskin for these guys

It must have been these guys that broke the chair?

UofA dude and a new friend

Clint commin up huge for the night

The chair was talkin shit again

Texas Tech peeps from next door

Johnny, Paul and Darrel after handle number 2 for the day

Me, Lucas and two random dudes

Texas represent

Bucky, Me and Tyler, these guys were cool as shit

Texas represent on SB2004...very creative guys

Totally forgot who these girls are

Just like old times in front of Kaibab

Holy shit! Elon is in Mazatlan too

Los Ninos de Darrel passed out in the ATM waitin for someone to make a withdrawl so they can take it

Some kid passed the fuck out in the lobby of the Riviera and is not movin anywhere...atleast until La Policia show up

My gift shop

Sunset view from Mangos

View of stone island i think from Mangos

Lucas, Johnny, Paul and Darrel at Mangos

Darrel on the third floor with the handle of Bacardi

Bucky tryin to position himself for maximum consumption

Perfect pour! This probably had something to do with him getting alcohol poisoning and a $1200 bill...oh well

Lucas and Johnny with the randoms at the no shirt party

None of them have any clue where they are

Group photo...Texas, Iowa and Arizona represent

Fuck ya the Iowa State girls can drink!

Alysha and Shenner

Hey, Jared and Laura even made a cameo on the trip...es muy bueno

Haha, i took mine first

Darrel helpin Dodds get not sober

Who is still drinkin? THESE GUYS!

Dodds not likin the bacardi so much

Darrel and Bordo...behind closed doors

Paul, Aaron, Johnny, Dodds, Lucas, Clint, Mallory and Alysha chillin back at the Riviera

Johhny thought his first hot dog tasted like a taco, so he decided to make his second one look like a taco

Definite candidate for Arizona all-star of the year...caught hooking up with this chick on the beach by the Federales and had no money so he came begging for money...good thing we're such nice guys, and we already felt bad enough for him

Mallory passed the fuck out with no hope of being woken up in the Texas guys bed

Tyler definitly drank the most distgusting concoction

Beaner enjoyin her last night in Mazatlan before back to Iowa State

Alysha with by far the most outstanding sex hair any of us saw the whole trip

Lucas passed out on the tile floor next door so Darrel could hook up

Tyler rckin the A&M bev hat

Aaron givin the pinata a beer bong...muy bueno

Clint tryin to decide between Ms. Vancuver and the Pinata...wonder which one he picked

Paul tryin to Tbag johnny cause he passed out in a pool chair outside while Darrel was hookin up

Fuckin Sheik wouldn't let us in for breakfast til 8 even though the coupon said 7, we said we're not fuckin leavin til they opened the door....definitly sat outside for an hour..shit

Darrel lost two pairs of sandals and had no shoes for the last 3 days of the trip...his feet are definitly identical to Barney Rubble

Inside Sheik for breakfast.....definitly way too nice for college drunk kids if u ask me

Bucky bein a true champ takin a shot a breakfast even after alcohol poisoning

Takin shot number 1

...and number 2

If this pic would have come out, u would the best even cross between a smile and i can't believe i just took another fuckin shot

View down the beach in the morning before the sun

The water

Valentino's club on the water

Johnny still passed the fuck out

Paul was sleeping when i took this

The balloon that Darrel thought was a person talking shit every night he looked up and saw it....wow

Mallory on the bus home

No mas Rumplestiltskin

Russel and Nick showin the mexican cartoon porn they picked up at the bus station

Johnny passed out before we even left the bus station

Mexican porn at it's finest

Darrel, Dodds, and Paul

See all that nice tasty skin that's peeling off Paul...

Most of it ended up on the bus floor....es no bueno

Lucas big pimpin

Johnny gettin some lovin....no bueno

Lucas found some random girls from UofA i think

Cara standin over me while i'm almost passed out

Me, Alysha and Lucas

Lea and Lucas

Lucas and the Dos Equis girls on the beach

Wet Tshirt contest on the beach

1st chick was frio como herpes

I think this chick was a stripper

Two chicks from ASU dykin it out i think

Another pic from the topless party

Blowjob madness on the booze cruise island

Johnny is the happiest man alive at that moment...es muy bueno