Pics from Shapo's House and 4th of July

Just because work sucks doesn't mean the weekends have to!


Andy rockin a jeans jacket from the 80's

Lisa and Andy

Miller and Ted , and yes Miller, I know i'm the man. you don't need to point

Miller came to hang out in DC...yay! Also this is possibly the best picture we've ever taken together

Big Bad Shapo

Havin trouble stayin up?

Shapo doin his thing...yawn

Shapo STILL water skiing

Some eagle on top of a post in the middle of the can tell I didn't grow up around water

Random family party

Random pic

Another random

still takin pics

still goin

Some dude in a Kayak...i thought this was funny, dont know why though

Random house

The house where the people who lost their prop that we had to tow back lived at...sweet fuckin fathers day


Ok, even i'm bored now

Another house

more boats

Shot of the channel

more boats

don't even care anymore

tight house


Josh drivin the boat

Shapo showin off some more

Neat, no one cares you can water ski

Shapo about to fuckin eat shit

Andy gettin lost in his covers

Andy is drunk, and bored...what to do?

I KNOW! Drunk Dial!!!

Deke doesn't care

I dont even fuckin want to know

"So girl, watchu doin tonite?"

Now he's in a playful pose

Deke still doesn't care, and says fuck off

The liquor bottles Andy and I killed the first 3 weeks we were in DC...i know, we drank alot

Andy and cute

5am, definitly not one of my better moments, hung over as shit

Some fire across the street

Hmm, maybe we shuoldn't have flicked those cigarettes onto that roof

The shiny red fire truck caught my ADD eye

Andy and Deke walkin w/ me to go get beer for beer pong...definitly a drunk stumble both ways

Finally playing beer pong after ripping the door of the closet in the background to use as a table

Jacqui, Andy and Katie playin sombrero

The look of concentration on Jacqui's face is intense

Nice to see you too, ASS


Deke talkin to someone

Is this not the absolut sexiest hair in America?!!?!

And toss in that smile...she just keeps getting better, es caliente!

Our room door, we considered using this for beer pong but decided against it because we live with a bunch of 12-15 year old girls...literally

Kung Fu pose, with a very scared little girl in the background

Me tryin to get the Cripplevator to work, of course i'm sober even though i'm rockin Jacqui's bandana

Holy random shit, definitly ran into Sam Rowe outside my dorm, one of the more awkward moments of the summer fo sho

Me with Brain after he chugged the last 6 shots of my gin

Don't lie, u're not going to really eat that

Hi Jen!

That better fucking have alcohol in it

Wow, the look of excitement on her face is astonishing

View from Apt on 4th of July

More views

And another

Fireworks over the Capitol

More fireworks



last one

John and his boy chillin out on the balcony

Chris and another dude, forgot his name, shit

John pickin up on some mighty hot girls...check that, he's rockin the beer goggles for sure

Random shot from Adam's Mill

Not so hotties dancin up on the table i think

John takin Max for a walk

Max chillin in the apt

Casey is fuckin hammered, and i'm not sure Colin is much better

John and Colin @ MacFadden's