Bowling, Salsa Dancing and Tons of Beer

What a Fun Fuckin Week

Zuke strikes again

The Domino's guy that played beer pong with us...and then kept making deliveries

Lookin for the ping pong ball

Great, they lost it

Hi Deutch

Deutch, Jack and me after getting taken @ the Desert Diamond

The look of intensity on their face is insane

Early in century club

Century club continued

Hi Number 2

Nice artwork Deutch

Amborn tryin to write his name

Flounder and Deutch probably somewhere around minute 60

Hi Jack

Freddy P

Lahey and Grant

Century Club night at the house

More century club

You can't go wrong when you get Busch Light

Well, we know Evan is drunk

Bird's eye view

Evan showing off the guns he doesn't have

Looks like century club is nearing an end

Oh my...


Now thats what i like to see

Wow, that is ridiculus

Evan and Asa

DRINK Flounder!!!

Number 2's growin a Fro

Kevin Caplan is back!!!!

Now thats what I like to see

Ending century club

Group pic...YAY!

Drunk people

Jack, take the lighter out of the pint glass before you blow up the house

Deutch and Amborn on the couch before they start wrestling

Wake up Jack!!!

Oh my God, Iraqi air fighters

They want Pepsi?

Air raid?

Flounder and Grant reading the articles in Playboy

Flounder sportin the Fez

Flounder holdin up the new beer bong

Flounder gettin ready

Flounder finishin off the beer bong

Flounder hittin the bottle bong

I'm sober

Me hittin the bottle bong

Freddie Prince gettin ready

I'll pass, that's all you buddy

Freddie Prince gettin ready

Freddie P's eyes' are about to pop out

That's looks like a good combo to me

Don't look at me

Jack helping Cai


That doesn't look like foam to me

Hi Deutch

Potter...hit that

There go the eyes

Finish it!

Not bad

Dan tryin to relive his college days

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea

Smile Dan

That's right, even with Potter on my back i'm still hittin the bottle bong

Carter hittin the bottle

Cai on the phone

Cai hittin the beer bong

Hit that

Oh, that is pitiful

Atleast u're finishing it

Ya, Cai finished one

Asa with the Big Bertha cock sock

Josh sportin LaCoste

Carter and Josh playin beer pong

Hi Potter

Beer Bongin snake charmer style

Grant and Jack playin beer pong

Hi Kevin

Zuke and Deutch playin beer pong

Jack let's one fly

Hit that SteveO

You're smilin now

Suck that shit down

Atleast there's just foam left


Asa tryin to pull Jack up w/ rope

Flounder drinkin nothin but the finest

Deutch tryin to drive after playin 8 games of beer pong

Flounder chillin in front of Sigma Kappa

Bowling with Sigma Kappa
Making sure that we had 'NO BEER IN THE PLAYING AREA'
Surprise, Surprise, look who's cup is empty and who's is full

Monkey pickin a ball

Hi Linzee

Zuke, Kevin and Jack

Deutch and Leilani

Jack and Sara

Fuck you Monkey

Deutch with the 6lb ball

Taylor winds up

Taylor and Linzee

Me and Taylor...YAY!

Me and Linzee

Deutch and Jack

Deutch, Sara and Jack

Kevin enjoyin the beer

Me and Deutch

We'll get to this later...

Linzee and Taylor

Deutch and Sara
Linzee unsuspectingly gets ready to bowl
Jack attacks Linzee

They're still goin at it

Me and the asshole bowling attendant

Me and Sara

Me with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy...FUCK YA!

Looks like i stole a bowling ball

Me and some chica

Now that is what I like to see....ROAR!

Flounder and Asa

Taylor and I playin beer pong...YAY!

Celebrity shot by Linzee

Jack and Sara

Well well, who is that is Deutch's bed?

The road construction signs infront of Deutch's bathroom

Hi Jack

Free Sample of Shwepps shirt is essential

Stake out the sign

Jack hanging from the 7th and Vine sign

Jack and Elmo throw down huge with $240 worth of Belvedere

Asa looks pleasently plastered

That is pretty

Salsa dancing

Freddie P workin it

Ashley showin everyone how its done

Arta workin it with Bernadette

Raycell and Michelle

Even Kevin joined in

Stanton and Ashley

Me with Raycell and Michelle

Ya girls, drink that Belvedere

Look how smooth that went down

Chug it

You liked it Arta, dont lie

Maybe he did chug the vodka

Work it Andy

Party in Elmo's room

Joe and Elmo work it

Elmo is soooo excited


Even Milhouse is workin it


Freddy P workin it on the side

Deutch workin it with Ashley

Freddy P and his boy

Everyone have a good time

Me and Lee with his braids in

Flounder is sober

What do you think potter?

Jack and Jack are both PLASTERED

Ok, maybe Flounder is drunk
Flounder and Grant passed out on each cute

Asa, Flounder and Grant passed out

Oh boy, shit is about to start

Me in the back of my car holding onto Monkey's cage door

Driving down Broadway

Me and Code bolting wood over Monkey's door

Deutch bowling with what is left of the stolen bowling ball

Jack and Zena sleepin together...wait, that's my bed

Flounder and Deutch

My drunk ass pushing the recycling bin into the street

Me and Code with a huge drill

Me helping Code bolt the wood onto the frame

Me helping Code drill through the wall for extra support

Code undoin the drill


Asa writin do not feed the monkey on the window


Evan and Kevin infront of the Monkey's viewing window

Evan and Kevin infront of Monkey's new door

Me and Kevin infront of my drunk ass idea

I thought El Con was the other way

Kevin openin my door

Deutch jumpin into bed with Jack and Zena

Me givin Jack and big drunk hug
Two random guys walkin by at 8am

My drunk ass finally passed out after a VERY long drunken week