More Pics From Trident and Dirtbags

and a few from Spring Bid Night 2005


Fuck this shit!

It's fake dude

Serra and Connie wasted as usual

Jayme, Fosse and I forget the other chick's name...again

Jayme and I don't know her friends name but I wish I did

I really need to start remembering this chick's name

Notice Ryan passed out on the floor, yet no one is sleeping on the couch...good choice bud

Beefcake enjoyin his bed made of chair cushions, even though his own bed is right downstairs

Odd job with a random psycho in the background

Hey baby!

Mike tryin to rock the 'I forgot to button my top button' look that Josh loves so much

Abdouche rockin under armor?

It's gonna be a fantastic blacked out night

Mike, Mike, and Mike

MIS represent bitches!

We have here a rare sighting of Ryan actually out getting hammered at a bar...AMAZING, I know


J, Dodds, Beefcake, Alysha and Lindholm

Lucas, Alysha and Me

Paul and Alysha

Hogan and Alysha

Put your tongue away til you two get home

Over here retard

Alysha throwin up the MIS gang

Dodds playin with Borto's tits

Hot Emily and Alysha

Quite possibly one of the best pictures I have ever taken

Look who isn't goin to remember shit tomorrow...JOSH!

151 shots...fuck that

Ya, not as good as you thought?

Drew rockin the Tommy Bahama look

Josh pullin the reach around

Why does Lindholm have a butcher knife and a shot glass...soooo random

Jayme, Lindholm, Jayme's roommate and Tasha

Me, Fosse and Jayme

Connie, Serra and Becky...oh snap!

Becky and some other wasted chick

John, Coach, Karen and two random dudes that Karen knows

That'll happen when you try and run from the Standard to my house

Two randoms and Jenna


ODB and Jenna


Billy screamin out some random shit

Karen hangin out

Shredded, Lindholm and Josh...such cute faces

Jonnel, Susan and Mallory

Stop looking at my cock

Susan and ODB...where did that dollar come from

Kurt and Susan

John, Dean and Coach

ODB grabbin Chelsea's boob...or is he?

Mike, Lucas,. Shredded and Josh...try and guess who the hard ass in the picture is

Shredded is wasted

Jay and Lindholm

Me, Shredded, J, Lindholm and Josh

Probably not the best idea

But, I love car bombs!

Shredded and Carter

Spencer's little brother, Lindholm and Spencer

I haven't seen Hampar this fucked up in a long time

I love booze

Me and Phil

Alysha and Randi

Big Dick and Alysha

Me and Korenna

Randi, ChiTown and Rock N Roll Susan

Me gettin some lovin from Susan

And some more...

Oh snap! Don't stop

Randi, Borto and Susan

Big Dick, Carter, Susan, Randi, ChiTown and Borto

Nice to see everyone paying attention to the camera

Mm mm mm...roar

Susan, Randi and drunk ChiTown in the back

ChiTown, Steve O, Alysha and Me

Don't do it Hampar!

And everyone is wasted

Mallory is the only one who paid attention

Schnieder givin me a piggy back ride around the bar, fun fun

Lucas and Dave find the two drunkest girls in the bar...good call guys

Me and Phil

Himmel, Jonnel and Phil

Get her Elon

Me laying on Coach's hood taking a picture of him...not the best idea

John turned into a fuckin midget

Lucas, Big Dick, Dave, Me, Carter and ChiTown @ Betos at 3am

Carter can barely open his eyes

Ya, I know, Paul is an asshole, don't remind me

Puppy tryin to steal some hot sauce from Carter

Dave is done

Lucas explaining some theory

Motherfuckin super nacho stealer, god dammit!