SEX...DRUGS....AND HOUSE!!!!!!!!!


Shredded isn't even pretending to listen to Paul's drunken rambling

8:20am and Paul is already wasted

Shredded has excellent taste in reading material for the plane

Apparently the articles weren't enough to keep Shredded's attention

Paul passed out already

Yes, that is drool comming out of Paul's mouth

The last time Darrel was sober during the week

What kind of fag would ever ride on a moped?

Random Disco Beach

I love white

Dancing platform

More randoms

Paul in the bottom left

If only Paul could have remembered her name...sad

Darrel rockin the helmet, which may as well just say 'Hit Me' on it

Paul with some randoms

Random Disco Beach shot again

My boy Terrance from IU pimpin it...I hope he is wasted

I can't even think of words to describe how gay Shredded looks in this picture

Beefcake doin some talent scoutin

Josh workin it up on stage

Josh lookin around for someone a little better

Shredded havin a little fun w/ some randoms

Darrel gettin up close and personal w/ some random hottie

Two seconds later and this would have been an amazing picture

Looks like Josh found better talent

Don't remember, I think she was just hot

Paul and some random

Wonder what she is thinkin about doin

The official Shredded spring break pose

Don't look away Paul, I can still tell it's you

Apparently Shredded missed the memo that Paul was tryin to score a 3some

Random giant balloon that Josh and Beefcake were hittin people with

Sly holdin her against the rail to make sure she's goin nowhere

Naptown represent

Beefcake havin a great time on the left and I'm pretty sure that Josh has absolutely no idea where he is or what is goin on

While it is a fuzzy picture, it would appear that Josh can no longer stand without help

Josh givin the skank one last chance before he donkey punches her

Randoms on stage

More randoms dancin on stage

I'm gonna go ahead and chalk this one up to low lights and too much booze

Back of Paul and Ryan's head...great picture, I know

FUCK YA! I can't believe I ran into Titty

Look Ma, no hands!

Fuck ya, Pearson came too, it's like being back home...except not at all

Terrance pointin out the white bitches...everybody loves them

Is that John Basedow in our room???

View of the pool from our 8th floor room

Thought they were topless...apparently not

3 randoms on their balcony

My perfect hand print in Shredded's back after that motherfucker knocked my cigarettes and lighter off our balcony...ass

View from our 18th floor penthouse....this is how we livin bitches

Me, Beefcake, Josh and Shredded and El Alebrije

Paul, Shredded and some random ASU chicks

What the fuck is Shredded doing?

Shredded, Josh and the angriest girl in the world behind them

Paul and some titties

Random shot of El Alebrije

Paul with some random skank...weird

Little Mexican boys beware if Shredded keeps drinking like this

I swear the girl was really hot

Me and some random

Is it just me, or did Shredded piss all over himself?

Josh and some random....I think

I think Josh just blew his load

Josh checkin the oil for some girl...what a nice guy

Come on...just show me your tits, you know want to

Dance dance, WAY too much booty in the pants

I wonder if Josh even knows he is standing on the dresser

Guaranteed to be Shredded's new facebook picture

This what happens when you pass out on the floor next to a bed on spring break...eww

Now that's what I call a wet willy

Beefcake strugglin to stay above water while Shredded has a nice little chat w/ Eva

Shredded and Eva pointin up to say hi to me and I'm pretty sure Beefcake is tryin too but apparently turning around required a little too much coordnation

Nap time for Josh

Cuddling with my favorites!

Some kid that passed out by the pool for a good 5 hours...apparently his friends really like him

Random girls across the hall from us on the 8th floor

Big Pimpin at our table at Palladium

Paul and Nicki before Shredded ditched her...thanks fucker

Paul and two skanks he found while wandering around on an adventure

Paul totally blacked out before we even left the hotel

Shredded, Paul and Beefcake at Mandera

I love girls that wear skirts without underwear and bend over to talk to their friends

SEX AND DRUGS AND HOUSE!!!! The Devil is the fuckin man

Michelle and Josh chillin at Mandera

The oh so comfy cab ride from Mandera with 7 fuckin people

The cab driver's good luck Elefante that we named Hemenez

Paul and his new 'friend' from Columbia

Obviously Paul had to wear the inner tube in the elevator to take up as much room as possible

Our view of the pool from our 18th floor penthouse

Lookin toward the Hyatt and everything else

Big rock in the middle

Across the cove from us

Crown Plaza hotel and the Marina in the background

Crown Plaza pool

Cruise ship that docked for a day

Wet tshirt contest

And another

And another

Ashtray and cubans that Shredded broke...ass

Josh with the hot ass Dos Equis chick

And Josh is drunk

She looked much better when there was much less light

She found her victim

And she is about to bang a guy in the middle of the club


Paul and his gang...Naptown represent

Paul is fuckin wasted

Paul with his new friend


Josh tellin this chick she has nice shoes

Paul and Josh are so hammered they are eating mexican Domino's

Shredded's gay ass passed out in bed

Near death experience number one

Josh tellin me I'm fucked

Is it bad if your eyes roll back into your head

Josh is startin to get a little worried

Help me...please?

EXTREME close up

Random girls dancin by the pool

More randoms

I see a titty!

And some more dancin

Shotgun anus

More dancing

And still some more

Keep dancin girls

Columbia girl and Josh

Shredded, Josh and Beefcake in the Sauna...or elevator, same thing

Josh and the Columbia chick

Paul and the Columbia chick

And again...
Party at the Penthouse w/ the chicks from Syracuse

Josh, Paul and two randoms

Syracuse girls

Bad lighting...my bad

Group pic on the balcony

Me and Emily, the student city chick

Topless contest at Paradise

Chalk another one up to booze and low light

Some kid passed out on the beach

Me, some dude from Butler and Paul workin on a 3some

Come on....a little higher

Bad angle

A little better

Oh snap!

Me and my new friend Roberto

No clue

Put some fuckin clothes on, no one wants to see that

The Columbia girl beggin for Paul to give it to her

Paul was too hammered to realize he put on Aloe instead of sunscreen before he went to the beach....that's gotta hurt

BMW 1 series...so tight

Fuck them

Josh, Paul and a bunch of DZ's from IU

Shredded and I forget that chick's name

I'm sorry I'm so increadibly good lucking, I can't help it

Oh my gay! What the fag!?

Paul is done

Random pictures in the morning courtesy of blacked out Josh

Acapulco Sunrise

The marina

Random pic of waves

Ocean horizon

Darrel and Paul passed out

Across the cove

Random beach shot

And yet another random

Me sleeping

Josh thought she was topless

Definitely not

In-N-Out burger has never tasted so good in my entire life

Josh passed out back at his house in the same clothes he'd been wearing for three days