SAM Spring Formal 2003

El Conquistador and Golf Villas


Deutch startin off the night with some Moet

Now this is what I call a Kodak moment

Mary and Andy

Jack sportin the flip flops cause he lost his shoes...big surprise

Jack and Zeena

Me and Stacey

Zeena and Stacey

Me and Jack all fucked up and ready to go

Jack, what's that shit on your cheek?

Freddy P and Sarah

Number 2 and Lauren

Me and Stacey

Hirsh and Susan

Deutch and Leilany

Look at the happy couple

Andy and Mary

The Potter's, and Loaf with his date

Grant and friends for life

Monkey thinks he is big pimpin'...hey, he can dream can't he?

Monkey, Joe and Lavit with their dates

Code and cute

Lil' John...silently pimpin as always

Evan and Lahey enjoyin each other's company

Costa, Liz, big pimp Loren and his import date

Jack and Jack, both in the same situation decide there is only 1 solution...alcohol

Potter and Jack


Flounder and Grant drinkin Budweiser, how appropriate

Susan is gettin plenty of attention from the boys with out dates

Stacey and

That Long Island tequila bomb kicked my ass, I can't even open my eyes

Evan and Liz

Monkey doin what he does best with Stacey

Seriously, my eyes might as well just be closed, there wouldn't be much of a difference

Elmo and Susan

Grant, Monkey, Flounder, Number 2 and Stacey all give me a nice salute

Code tryin to keep Britney warm...or so it would seem

Loren and his date

Hirsh chillin at the table with Susan

Jack and Evan ridin the train


Come on Liz, just touch him

Me and Susan...atleast my eyes are a little more open...grr grr grr

Hirsh and cute

No comment


I dont even know how to even begin to try and I wont

A little bit softer now...

Now a little bit louder now..

A little bit louder now...

Go Flounder Go!

Dan and Lindsay makin their appearance

Me, Stacey, Susan and Deutch

Deutch is likin what he sees

Susan is bling blingin'....AWESOME!

The look on Evan's face says it all

Lauren, Sarah and Freddy P