Spring Training Game and Drinking @ Salty

Tequila and Baseball...perfect combo for a beautiful spring day in Scottsdale


Potential property for the Mike Lamb school of investment

Hi Cynthia

Random shot of the field

Another random

Down the 3rd base line

Creepy hair

What up changta

Last random

All-star Jason and his broken foot he got from "falling off the bed"

A cop, a little girl and Paul...

Jason and Kelly

Nice J

Hi Kell Bell

Not so hot

Random Britishmobile

Yes, there is something in your teeth...dork

Proof Cynthia does eat actual food

The Nemos

I'm not taking a picture of Kelly's tits...

Now I'm taking a picture of Kelly's tits

The result of me asking Jason to take a picture

Me and Cynthia

Kelly with some crazy goose bumps

Group shot...little fuzzy though

Kayla, Creasy and Me

Jason and Michelle

Me and Cynthia

Kelly's ass

Paul and Lucas...BFF

Kelly and J poundin one back

Jason pimpin it

The randoms sittin at their table we kind of took over

Me and Cynthia

Jason's broken leg with some titties

The girls

Me and Michelle

You know how I know you're gay...

Me and Cynthia throwin up the gang signs

No clue

Billy bad ass about to ride off into the sunset

Lucas fuckin pissed

Me and Cynthia =)

Kelly being fed

Michelle and Kell Bell

Michelle and Cynthia after they ate shit

No clue how this happened

Well atleast no one was hurt

Michelle and Cynthia

Darrel recreating the scene of him throwing Lucas' phone into the middle of Scottsdale Rd....so awesome

Cynthia and Michelle

Michelle and Paul...too bad she's married Paul

Group shot...i'll let you figure out why this is such an awesome pic

Kelly's ass....again


Jason gettin some love from Michelle

Michelle kissin air now

Cynthia and Kelly with the look of death

J and Michelle both trashed

Me and Kelly

Cynthia holdin up the flags so I can get out...that's hot

Angie girl, Me and Cynthia at the concert we didn't go to

Cynthia and Angie girl

Cynthia with beer all over her

Looks like we're goin home

Darrel makin an entrance and crashin onto my floor...nice

Darrel all ready to go back out

Until he laid down on the couch...and didn't go anywhere