St. Patrick's Day In Vegas

A holiday that celebrates drinking in a city with free idea EVER!


Vegas Baby, Vegas!

So close...

Is that the sun?

Weird, seeing a sunrise in Vegas...that never happens

Ok, enough of that

Beefcake chillin in the room

Skyloft...soo sick

Our dining room table

Happy St. Patrick's day to me


Kind of a gay view...

Upstairs bedroom

The room was tight...the art was weird

Living room

Ariel and Mike

Chelsea, Colleen, Cory, Beefcake and Me...patron time bitches!

Cory doesn't really look as excited as Chelsea and Colleen

Who knows

Me, Mike and Tyler

Time to celebrate my favorite holiday and get trashed!

Me, Beefcake and Mike

Colleen and Me

I hate you Mike

Nice Mike, very nice

Let the car bombs begin

Cory and Colleen

Chelsea and her Corona

Yes Tyler, you truely are a champion

Nice Tyler...obviously you practiced at home

Tyler wanting to make sure he didn't waste a drop

Dewey and Ariel

Ok Cory, everyone is ready but you, you can stop checking

Cory, Colleen and Chelsea

Beefcake and Tyler

Let the shit show begin

Mike and Dewey

Our Butler droppin more booze off...ya, we had our own Butler

Colleen and Chelsea

Nice to see you too

Dewey in fine form

Me and the girls

Darrel enjoyin the holiday

Me and Cory

Tyler havin a great himself, weird

I think his beads might break Mike...but try it anyway

Typical Tyler

No clue what Colleen is doin

Beefcake and Ariel

Thanks Tyler...u're still not getting any beads

I forget

Tyler tryin to figure out which one is the fullest rather than which one is his


Me, Beefcake, and Tyler doin carbombs

Atleast Cory was payin attention

Mike talkin on the phone...

You serious Clark?

Chelsea and Tyler

Apparently Colleen actually liked the random art face in the corner...

Maybe a little too much

Sister and cute

Colleen, Mike and Ariel

Totally different picture, yet Mike is still giving Ariel the exact same look

There's a good one

Hey girl

Tyler is wayyy too cool at this point to allow himself to be photographed

Cory, Will and Colleen rockstarin it up

Will pimpin' it with the ladies

I love St. Patrick's day...especially in Vegas

Hot Cory, hot

Ariel, Mike and Colleen

Dewey...honestly, wtf

Ok, as cool as it would be to see him go through the glass and fall to the bottom floor, bad idea...

Colleen, Me, Cory and Chelsea

The girls in the Skyloft lobby

Me with the girls in the skyloft lobby

Mike passed out

Beefcake doin ?

Mike still passed out

Wow, I'm awesome...probably should have just stayed home after this point, good thing we were in Vegas though and I decided to go out

Happy St. Patrick's day

So delecious

Chelsea and Colleen waitin for our ride

Chealsea with a super sexy face...notice Darrel takin a nap in the back

Not even gonna touch this one





Me, Chelsea, Colleen, and Beefcake

Chelsea w/ her Capt. and awesome

Girls lookin down

Chelsea, sober, obviously


I'm so ronery, so ronery

I don't even know where to begin with this


Chelsea and Colleen, both obviously sober

Little higher...

Colleen has her dancin face on...which apparently involves sticking her tongue out

Happy Graduation Chelsea

Me and Chelsea

...and again


Beefcake on the phone

I look like I smoked an entire blunt...sadly I'm just that hungover...booo

Me tryin to recover in the chair

Darrel's sweet new slippers that were apparently made for Asian people

And so begins Beefcake's photoshoot of the room...with me being hungover in the chair


Random artwork

Living room

Looking up to the bedroom

Bad ass steam shower



Bathroom...with a TV in the mirror

Insanely huge closet

Toilet...with a phone to call the butler to come wipe your ass

Infinity edge bath tub...sooo nice

Shower with too many dials, so confusing when you're trashed

Darrel tryin to get a picture of his steamed up window art

No clue

Lookin down from the bedroom


the bed


Next time..we are stayin at the end of the hall

Beefcake with his five hundo chip

MGM as we are leaving at midnight on sunday...such a bad idea


Best St. Patrick's day ever!