Start of Spring 2005 Semester

It's My Last One....Time to Enjoy it While it Lasts!


How cute

John is ready to go

Shredded looks optimistic

Krystal and some random dude

Kacey, Krystal and Lauren @ Ben's

Borto and Alysha

Adam and Shannon

Don't look too happy to see me or anything

Stupid finger

Me and Big Tom

Josh and Kirk


Will just about to go into Ben's and we're leaving

Wow...good thing we didn't get the car washed today

Drew and his dad at Dirtbags

Me and Matt

Tom and some random chick

Poop and Gerrick

Shot time courtesy of Drew's dad....awesome

Jenkins pimpin it

Kevin is possibly more wasted than me...or maybe not


Me and ner!

Me and Hot Emily right before I left

Josh and Amanda out front

Jesus christ man, quit fuckin takin a piss on John's car

Josh playin with a BB gun infront of Shredded house...bad idea

Atleast it wasn't a car

Nice to see u too Matt, but I play for the blue team

Matt tryin to get back out of the window he jumped through

Matt tryin to tell us something...didn't matter what it was cause it made no sense

Dave back at our place

Drew decides to make a cameo at 3am

Zuke and ODB

Zuke first

Now ODB finishes it

Sweet fuckin hair

John making a bold fashion statement...fuckin homo

Josh w/ some froshies at his house

Josh and Maddie

Only way John is gettin laid

Me rockin Josh's super cool hat

Eyes open, smiling and looking at the camera...Zuke must be painfully sober


Kevin and Zuke

Ok, enough showing off

Me and Kelly

Get her Shredded

Doc C and Shredded

Cute picture...stop being sober now

John is either talkin shit or just saw a hot chick

Kelly and her roommate from freshman year

Jayme, John and Fosse

Wow, SteveO definitely wins the award for most fucked up

Zuke takin a piss

Some random in Big Dick's place

Tapping the exciting, no clue who took this

Randoms at the house

Lucas and some random chick

Alysha prepartyin @ my palce

Oh snap! And she brought Dodds

How cute

Quit talking to the husband and drink

Me and Alysha

Me and Kellen at Trident...this is the last point in time that I remember

Dan cleanin shit

Kevin and Chaz

ODB, Kline and Poop

How cute, they match

Group shot

No clue

I wonder if he's thinking about grabbing Borto's tit

I must be psychic

The matching twins...again

Apparently they love booze too

Chelsea, Kurt and Brookie

Brookie, Me and Chelsea

Brooke and her friend...shit, I forgot her name, actually I don't even remember meeting her but I hope I did

Chelsea and ODB

SteveO and Alysha, both drunk...again

Cindy and Colin

Danielle makin a cameo at Trident

Julia goolia and I forget

Borto and Alysha

Alysha and Fish, one of the few times I've seen him really fucked up

Oh ya, I totally know what's goin on

John and Tom

Hesser and John

Don't look too happy to see me

That's hot

Dan has some company with him @ the door

Benetti and Borto

Shapo, Lee and Stanton

Kevin tryin to tell me something...possibly about vagina

Phil hangin out

It's not real

No clue

Stanton givin Phil a back massage


Alysha and I, both sober...not so much

Abbie and Cindy

Me and Abbie

Hardy, some dude, Alysha and Trog

Happy B'day

More shots

Sweet angle on that one

Gotta love the sober limo driver

Hurry up so u can take more shots

The level on concentration is amazing

Lucas fuckin hammered


Some random w/ his handle

Definitely not allowed back in at this point

Looks like I wasnt the only one who was hammered...cute flower

Josh ordering at Taco Bell


Joshy and Beefcake

Paul passed out

Wow, Chitown is fuckin done

That's what you get when you don't go out forever then try and do it like you used to

I swear he's still alive

Looks like its gonna take two

Big Dick and Heather

Just a little farther guys

Please don't fall backwards

No clue how they made it up

And straight to the bathroom floor


It's not often you see someone perfectly content on a bathroom floor

And he's about as worthless as a poopie flavored lollipop at this point

Back to nap time on floor

Tyson enjoyin the cats water

So gross

I'm sure he's fine...maybe not

Beefcake carryin Ryan fireman style...or as close to it as possible

In ya go drunk ass

Jivich chillin

WTF happened?