Stef's 20th B'day

Birthday's are great, everyone is always WAY too hammered for their own good


Is it that fucking hard to point and shoot?

Randi, Stef and Me

Me and Alysha

Me and Stef, mm mm

Stef and Alysha, both a few saki bombs deep

Every single person in the picture is wasted

Jonnel and Mal

Sweet tongue ring Jonnel

Me and Mal, don't remember what was so funny

Me grabbin what's left of Jonnel's tits

What up Beefcake

Jonnel, Mal and Annie

Alysha is too hammered to push herself and do a bridge...she definitly gets and A for effort though

Alysha dippin Randi back

Randi, Stef and Alysha

Is it just me or is someone grabbin Alysha's boob and she totally caught him?

Alysha and Stef

Stef's boobs...definite spank bank material

If I didn't know better, I'd say Zuke was about to caveman Randi

Zuke lookin pretty happy with Alysha, on second thought, he's just drunk

Zuke is so excited that he is licking the soy sauce bottle....kinky

pink, on pink....on pink, SO HOT

Jonnel, Stef and Alysha

Jonnel's shirt untied...first time for everything I guess

Randi helpin make sure we get a good pic of Stef's boobs

Ah, the amazing benefits of being the boyfiend, Zuke concurs

Jonnel helping Randi off the floor

Randi cries out in pain

Randi bendin over to hear Alysha, if only Alysha's hand wasn't in the way

Jonnel tryin to get some tongue from Mallory...not happenin though

Alysha rockin out doin some Karaoke at Yuki's

MIS represent!...and no we will not fix your computer

Jonnel fell down, again

Dan the Man at Yuki's...what a surprise

As if it wasn't cool enough that this chick walked into the front door, she also fell out of her chair...awesome

EW, no bueno at all

Trident chick

Yosepa at Trident, surprise surprise

Alysha and Candee

Isn't Alysha wearing a hot fucking shirt?

Randi telling Paul a secret

Randi trying the other ear hoping for a better response

Paulstar is havin some issues with his eyes, and it's kinda freakin me out

Wow, what the fuck happened to Randi in the last 5 mins

Chas and Alysha

Don't gimme that look Alysha...or else

Big Mike tossin Alysha around

Big Mike, Paul and Alysha

Paul is lookin a little freaked out by Mike

MMM MMM, look at that ass

ODB tryin to show off with the one arm dip

Alysha loves it

Candy and her friend

Casey, Paul and Charlie

Paulstar gettin a ride from Casey

Keith and Big Mike

I should have just gone to fucking bed at this point