Random Summer Weekend Fun

UofA reunion night at Drift, drinkin poolside, and PCL...awesome weekend


Mom's random friends

The girls @ dinner

Yes please!

The girls

Sandi, Mom and Brandi

The girls and Tyler

Birthday girl

Sandi and Trisha

Mom and some random

Who the fuck is that guy?

Courtney, Cassie and the random

@ Cherry

Mom's top bustin open

Shelly and Sandi


Me and Cyncha

Me and Josipa

Cyncha and Mom

Me, Mom and Cyncha

Sutton telling an amazing story

Adam and I forget

Nice ass Mom

Cynthia, Richard and Charmane

Cyncha and Josipa

Best beer holder ever!

Me and Sam

Um...ya, random

Dan havin his own little rock concert

Cyncha and Kyle... sooo random


So awesome...

Cynthia and Mom goin at it...sexy

Work it girls

What is it with the ass shots?

No clue

Cynthia and Dave

You're so much prettier than I am

Me and Cyncha

Mom, Cyncha and Dave

Cynthia and Dave

Cyncha and I have no clue?

Pimp it Dave, pimp it good

Me not payin attention and Tyler


Both of us beyond loaded

Me and Cynthia

No clue what is goin on...I kinda like it though

Awww...I win

Fuckin paparazzi Dave


Cyncha given Dave a bear hug

Sexy Cynch...oh so sexy

Little Miss Sunshine layin out

Corona and a water...weird

I feel like she is about to say something...honestly, no one would really care while she is wearin that

Mom checkin out the gnome to see if it's a boy or a girl

Lindholm and his new friend

Rendezvous with the gnome bitches!

Celeste, Marlene and Dave prepartyin

Darrel playin Billy Bad ass with the shades on inside

The sun never sets on a bad ass...

Nice tits Celeste

Apparently wearing sunglasses is the cool thing to do now

Sweet trend Dave...now everyone is doin it

Tits and Pussies...ok, that was bad, really bad...awesome picture though

Prepartyin at the casa

Nice shoes...too bad they ended up in the pool

Elbows up...

Celeste hangin out @ PCL

Me and Francesca...why do you have to leave us?

Marlene and Lindholm just chillin

Oh come on, let it ride up

I'm not sure sexy is the word I'm looking for here

Me and Celeste @ PCL

Hell ya Kelly!!! Climb that pole

Kelly showin off on the pole @ PCL...nicely done