Super Bowl Weekend 2005

Blackout Thursday, Sake Bombing and Some Randoms

Me and Ted @ Ben's

I love my tab @ Ben's

Jivich and her friend from USC

Spencer and his little brother. Can you say irony?

J and some random

Zuke, Dave and Beefcake all hammered drivin to Dirtbags

Heidi and Chelsea

Two sisters kissing...kinda hot in a weird way

Scottie Eh more fucked up than I have ever seen him in my life

Beefcake, Scottie Eh and Me

Jen and Big Dick


Get her Scottie

'L' for love!

This could get interesting

Dave, Benettie, Lucas, Jen and I can't tell who else cause my hand stopped bein steady

Now it's Gallo's turn with Kacey

Craptastic picture

Me and Brenden

Russell's 1st time in Dirtbag's...congratulations little guy

Too many people in this picture to mention, mainly cause Beefcake is the best part of the picture

Chowder lookin sober as a retarded kid in a bathtub full of gin

Me and Alysha

Elon talkin to some random

The happy couple...nice blazer, fag

Benetti and Junk

Boz makin booty calls before he has even left Dirtbags

Lauren, Me and Erinne

Such a cool blazer

Me and Dodds

Scottie Eh is just too tall, that's why his head got cut off

Big Dick and Jen takin shots

Zuke lookin priceless as always, Dodds, Alysha, Borto and Shapo

Me and Chris

Tyson decided to sleep upstairs

Such a cute little guy

Ok, enough pictures of this

Well atleast he passed out

Look at the size of his paw, it's like a fuckin hoof

Last one, I win

Always good to see Josh out gettin hammered

Paul, John, and Drew havin his own little party in the corner

Josh about to crack a beer bottle over Paul's head

Laura makin a cameo even though she is sick, muy bueno

Sean and Alex takin their 1st sake bomb

Rayne is wasted already, fantastic

It's like every weekend Drew seems to have his own little rock concert

John protecting the song book w/ his life

Coach singin 50

John and Paul became Coach's personal cheering section

Coach won't give the mic up

Blacked out already

Hey Coach, You're gay!

Me @ Yuki's

Me and Karen

Me and Karen...great angle Phil

Phil is wasted off his ass and about to go to work...awesome

All the DG's @ Yuki's

Josh in fine form as always

My pants after Unger spilled his beer all over me...not so sweet

Rayne makin sure she gets every last drop

Me and Unger

Paul gettin into the whole mic thing too

Josh and Paul

Karen and Leah

Me and Jayme @ Dirtbags

Kevin and Sener

Me tryin to stuff Randi into the fireplace at Dirtbags

Me and SteveO

Jayme and Fosse

Jared lookin a little more sober this time...such a dissapointment

Shit picture

SteveO and Ward

Me and SteveO again...nice finger

Jared, Jayme and Fosse

Commando Hogan and Karen

Who let the drunk kids in?

Me and Phil

Doc C and Phil

Jared and Shosh

Josepa lookin fantastic

Josepa not nearly drunk enough

Beefcake sweating w/ his shirt unbuttoned and Jared

Oh, come on guys

How cute!

Once again, another fantastic picture of John

Josh tryin to start shit

John, Josh and two Josh licking that girl?

John, Shosh, Shredded, Phil, Beefcake and Josh...all wasted

The poster kids of blackout Thursday...or Tuesday, Friday or Saturday

Me and John

SteveO and Fosse

Wow, I should have been cut off a long time ago

Sener and Shosh

Zuke and Shosh w/ her eyes closed

Definitely not closed this time

Me and Karen @ Dirtbags

Shredded, Josh and part is neither Shredded or Josh remembers seeing the other

Nice dancin Coach

Patty Melt...sweet nickname

Karen and ODB

Drunk ass'

Not just the usual picture of Beefcake passed out on my couch, check out the socks

Coach bustin out the swifter to clean up a spill

Dude, the girls don't care

Sweet pose Paul

John, not paying yet again

Apparently he is too busy mixin up screwdrivers to get the girls drunk

Josh and Elise

Paul and his beer pong chick

Beefcake gettin some water for Tyson

Shredded wishin he was somewhere else

She's so small, almost like a little play toy

I love girls who can do the splits

Until they get bored

She told us she could put her head between her legs....but she was too drunk and only made it half way before eating shit

Cheer time


Why don't you girls come over here and sit on Uncle John's lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up

Tyson goin after her

Finally Tyson is goin after someone else besides Shredded

Wow, never seen him go after hair before, thats a new one

Dog poop on Josh's floor

Paul keepin Tyson occupied

Little tiny dog

Get her Tyson

Tyson showin off his dog fighting skills

Paul helpin the little white dog out

Joshy and Shredded playin booze pong

Coach stil tryin to be optimistic

Allstars on the couch

Paul haning out in the kitchen

And the award for most homosexual beer pong toss ever goes to...BEEFCAKE!

Josh and Paul gettin into it early

I win!

Josh and Shredded gettin their ass kicked

I want one!

John is more interested in looking at porn on his cell phone than the superbowl

Notice the one kid on the couch who isn't smiling

Josh and Jill, sweet face Josh

I forget why I took this

Eyes open next time ass

Ok, Josh is cut off

Shredded slappin the shit out of Josh...and he doesn't even care

Good boy Tyson

Ok, enough

Paul, Palmer, Tyson and Shredded chillin on the couch

Cheers Beefcake

Josh passed out before the game is even over

Oh, I'm sorry Joshy, did I wake you up?

How cute, all curled up in the fetal position in John's bed

Nice try Coach, sit your ass down

There it is, the Eagles threw in the towel

That's too bad Coach

Blah blah blah

Go Pats!

Beefcake jumpin on Josh

So fucked up that they're still smiling even though the Pats won...fantastic

Taylor, Phil, Beefcake and Shredded

It's like mini-Tyson, but not

Erich goin nuts w/ the slosh ball bat

Great follow through

Is it just me or is it wierd that Phil is paying more attention to a guy than a girl, especially a guy w/ his pants undone?

"Come on Karen, just touch it"

My thoughts exactly...

Phil eatin some sweedish meatballs off the spoon

Is that meatball sauce or did someone just blow a load all over Phil's face?