AMX Training in Tampa and Mark's 21st B'day in Nashville

Started the night out Sake bombin and I end up at the airport on my way to Nashville...awesome!


Krystle enjoying her 1st ever 7&7...I know, I don't know how she went so long without it either

Miss I'm too cool for pics

911's and Royal favorites

I forget and Colleen

And that's how Beefcake ended up soooo drunk

Beefcake and bitches

Line dancing losers

I can't believe that this is the highlight of Krystle's week

Sketchy Indian dudes in love with Krystle and her friends

Love you too, Princess

Krystle and Beefcake....more importantly, notice the Cosmo that Beefcake is enjoying. That tells you how fucked up he was

Me and Krystly

Krystle mean muggin some dude

You know Beefcake is wasted when he is drinkin beer

....Especially two at a much for training at 8am the next morning

Colleen enjoyin her beer for the night

The beer that Beefcake spilled all over Krystle

WTF is the deal with line dancing

Krystle's friends

Priceless....Beefcake can't even hold his two sacks

Ok, this dancin shit has got to stop

Ok, last call, let's go

Krystle the midget seeing what it is like to be tall

I'm drunk...shit

Beefcake strugglin to get out of the car

The bullshit food I paid for cause I was wasted waiting for our flight to Nashville

Hartly, the random Vandy froshy that I met

Bunch of Nu's and Beefcake in Troy's room

Some homo who brought girls with him to the party....still a douche bag

I definitely should have gotten a masters

Me and Harly

Miller running away with the magic juice

Blair and Miller enjoying whatever concoction was created in the pineapple juice can

Beefcake and Blair blacked out...big surprise on both parts

Troy and Messy

And the madness between Blair and I begins

Oh snap! Jessie, u want some too?

Pretty sure this kid was about to eat shit onto the floor

Blair should have been cut off hours ago...but then again so should I so it's cool, it's cool

The result of Blair jumpin on Beefcake's back outside

Honestly, the water can't be that warm, or even that sanitary for that matter

As usual Blair is WAY too drunk to care

Blair still goin with the Champagne of beers

I think Troy was gettin pissed at Blair...I don't remember anything beyond this anyway so it is useless to try

Poor Messy....He needs a drink or a bong rip, and he needs one NOW

Blair dressed up in his Sunday best after goin in the hot tub

Bo bustin a move...or not

Messy tellin me it's time to go....haha, yaaaa right

Jessie offerin me another Nattie Light....what a great guy

Blair just earned an honorary spot on Team Blackout

That is the most distgusting and awesome place to sleep EVER

Until he decided to wake up and stab holes in the wall with a screw drive....bad idea

Beefcake was too drunk to work the microwave so he just ate the lil smokies raw for the most part....that is classic drunk

Group shot in Troy's room

Blair fucked up already....weird

And it just got weird

Sweet pose Jessie....fag

JP pretending not to stare @ Miller

Miller and JP

Amanda and Busey

Cute kids....well, not really

Me and's funny how you never realize how much you miss someone until you see them again after being gone so long definitely found a keeper

Court fuckin drank the last of my delicious drink of magic

Inappropriate Mike, inappropriate

Bo is blazed out of his mind

Svdsomethingorother tryin to talk to another dude who is way too high to care

Court's anti-social friends

Messy and cute

I forgot this kids name so he couldn't have been that cool....actually I was probably just that fucked up

I feel like someone else had the camera at this point cause I don't know any of these kids or remember any of this

That is going to hurt inthe morning

Then again that will make it feel MUCH better

Dude, she is begging for some dick, jsut fucking get up and go rail her in the bathroom

Two of Messy's friends?

Mason in the bathroom?

Me and two randoms

Why the fuck is Joe not wearing any pants

For the last god damn time, I'm not a fuckin jungle gym

Beefcake has Blair in a headlock

And it just got weird....again for blair


Me and Mason

That's it Blair....head first into the wall, GREAT idea