Thanksgiving Weekend 2007

Sandbar, Jason's House and Zuma


Kayla's new outfit...awesome

I'd hit it...if I had to

Business Kayla

The Ambiguously Gay Duo

Jeff and some random

Sweet face Foley

Thanks for looking retard

random, Roman and Frye

Ummm...Jeff must be drunk

Me and Frank

Oh snap! It's Amina

Me and Amina

Foley has turned into Zoolander

I hate self shots

Sicky Whip

So random

...and so weird

Kayla and Tyson hangin out in my bed

Don't force the smile too hard...

Cyncha's ring

Nemo takin a shot...

Only Katherine would scream, 'LISTEN!' at the dogs and think they will

Kelly making sure everyone stops to hear her

Michelle, Katherine, and Kelly


The Nemo's hangin out

Me and Hanz....fuck you Darrel

Cyncha playin w/ the dogs

Annabelle got a new collar

Yes Kelly! Work it...

No clue...

Mrs. Nemo gettin bombed

Jason's fridge doesn't have enough food in it

Cyncha drivin my car...

Darrel laughin that I just took a kid out and didn't even know it

Here comes everyone..

Kelly not wantin to take pictures

And this is where I stopped taking pictures

Michelle, Cyncha, Me and Katherine @ Zuma

Kelly trying to lift the whole table so she can get out

The 1st of many of Mike's self shots

I awesome!

Darrel saw a squirrel

Me and Cyncha

Another one of Mike...

Oh boy...this could get good

Nemo hangin out

Wow, it's like he just saw the camera

Ok, give the camera back, seriously

Mike, Nemo, Kelly, Jason and Beefcake

Mike and the girls

Me and all of the girls...I win

Me and Bald Mike

Jason and Darrel bombed

Michelle and Kelly

Ok, seriously, enough

Michelle and Kelly gettin drunk

Kelly, our hot waitress

Seriously, what the fuck is he wearing

Michelle and Kelly are bombed

And now they're dancing...

Yes girls, I know you love me

Kelly warmin Mrs. Nemo up for later...

Party on top of Jason

Cynch decided to dive on top cause she was obviously not getting enough attention

Jason is so drunk he doesn't even know what to do

Oh please Jason, you love it

Katherine checkin out Kelly's thong

I don't even know

Wow...whatever Katherine is doin Kelly loves it

The girls are hammered

Yes girls....make out

Katherine dancin on a table...obviously a good idea

Jason doin all he can to keep his head up

Me and Mrs. Nemo

Jason tryin to keep his legs closed

Mike needed a hug

Uh oh...what's goin on

Mike gettin pissed

Me and Megan....I think

Even Nemo is gettin in on it

Kelly holdin Jason down...what else is new

3way w/ Mrs. Nemo...nice

Randoms next to us

This is just all sorts of gross

The Nemo's and Jason's drunk ass pointing

My new friends

I gave up tryin to know what's goin on

If only I could remember their names...oh well

Katherine still @ her own little rock concert


Katherine's concert is still goin

Mrs. Nemo is feelin frisky

Booze is awesome

Cyncha and Kelly

Door dude and Cyncha

Michelle is bombed

Are you serious?

Jason is gettin love all over

Mrs. Nemo's ass

Pimp it Jason, pimp it

What the fuck is goin on here

The happy couples

Cyncha diggin in Kelly's ass

Jason is passed out



I'm gonna leave this one alone...

Kelly and J

Soooo cute

Ok, enough

Random hockey dude

Jason playin Halo

Don't get too comfortable or anything Annabelle

Next day

Sweet hair

The magic of KY

My the impound lot, thanks Meghann