Kris's Power Hour

Prepartyin then off to the bars


Alysha givin out some animal lovin

Tom, Kris, Me and Kip

Steve-O at his finest

Tom and Jenkins

Genc tryin to pimp it on the phone

John and Steve-O

Half the artwork someone did on the wall

The other half

Steve-O holdin up Mini-Marley

Nick...still rockin two collars...fag

Tom pimpin it

Marley and Nala

Kris tryin to figure out where there is two of every button

Candee givin Marley some love


Nick well on his way to being smashed

Steve-O pointing out the fact that Kris is drinkin Jack and coke, not wine

Hi Steve-O

Mark Cristos and Candee

Mallory all dressed up to put out fires

Alysha, Richard and Ryan

Kroopf and Susan

Seth was the only one payin attention when i said, "smile bitches"

Jonelle, Jeff and Steve-O all lookin @ my camera

Candee and Mallory

Steve-O tryin to lick Mallory

Steve-O's head is stuck in between Susan's and Jonelle's boobs

Nice too see u too Candee ...nice hat

Alysha, Susan, Richard and half of Jonelle's head


Susan holdin mini-Marley

Genc tryin to remember back to the Donald Duck geometry movie to help with his shot

Lil' Jeff, Mallory and Candee

Mallory, Steve-O, Jonelle and Candee

Tom, Topher and Jen

Steve-O and Mersh smokin in the garage

Me and mm mm

It's hard to see, but yes, those are teeth marks

Conservative Susan downin her water while Alysha goes to town on a beer

Ohhh...poor Steve-O is havin trouble standin up

Haha, I took my pic first fucker

Scottie's face says it all

Scottie and Topher are all smiles after recovering from that shot

Tom, Genc and Stevens

Topher and Tom @ North

Everyone that came to North for Kris' power hour

Kroopf, Stevens and Kris

Yep, Kris is drunk

HOLY SHIT! Tiffany makin a cameo

Topher, Genc, some dude and Jarrod holdin up the Royal Flush

Jen, Stevens and Tiff

Tiffany reading Playboy...for the articles

Jarrod makin a cameo at the after party @ my place

Jarrod got in the way

Jen and Frank laughin at someone's drunk ass

Jen and Jen

Stevens and cute

Kroopf chillin on my couch

Tom and Jen

Nice glasses Genc

What the fuck is Stevens doin

Arm wrestling match...very intense

Holy shit, he slammed her ass down

...and right into his arms

Jarrod, Steve-O, Tom and Kris tryin to toast but dont quite have the cooridnation

Genc fuckin with my shark

Tom and Jen

Kris, Frank the tank, Scottie and Tom arguin over what to drink next

And Scottie is fuckin done

Brawl goin on in the kitchen

Genc and Steve-O

Scottie needed to sit down cause standing was no longer possible

Steve-O decides Scottie would make a good pillow

Kroopf telling Stevens he's not interested

Steve-O decides to stretch out

Steve-O tellin me, "Fuck Yo Couch"

The randoms I didn't know chillin outside

Kroopf has had enough of Steve-O

Genc and Tom decide to join the fun

Jen just watches in amuzement

Yes Jarrod, I am the man, and Fuck you too Frank

Poor Scottie

Steve-O finally got the couch to himself

Bye Tiff

Jarrod showing off the fact that he is able to find his keys

Jen usin Tom as a seat

Genc and Jarrod fuckin with Steve-O

On to the floor they go

Jarrod and Genc goin at it

Steve-O punishin Genc for fuckin with him

Down goes Steve-O and Tom snipes the couch

Apparently Steve-O likes the floor better

All scissors

Jarrod wins that round

Stevens fucked that one up

Tom tellin a story

Bright pink!

Once again, sitting in the couch was just way too challenging for Steve-O's drunk ass