Random Tuesday Night at Trident

Why study on a Tuesday night when you can go out?


ODB is such a cute litle UofA cheerleader

This picture needs no caption, it is that awesome

Get her Zuke

Damn, that is some fast acting pimp tight game right there

Hey look, Ace and Gary makin a cameo again...so gay

I don't know what that is in the way but it is pissin me off

Nice little group shot at Trident

Chris looks a little lonely

Charlie hard at work

Yosefa and her Boobs spittin mad game at Mike


Lucas and Alysha suckin face...not so neat

Roman doin what he does best

SwimFran, Mary and some other chick

Wow...that's cool

I probably should have just stopped drinking at this point

Don't like Mike, you know you want it

Good form Mike

Even better form

Hey drunk ass

The cost of beauty: $6,000

Mary, Shredded and Dylan

The absolut coolest tattoo ever for an Asian kid

Dan Dan the China man gettin some licky licky love from Mary

Elon say hi

Oh Snap! Get her DFlip

HAHA, Mike's got bigger tits than Yosefa and he didn't even have to pay for them

Right about now Chris is totally thinkin threesome

Mary with yet another random dude

No work means get wasted

Ya, he's fuckin wasted

No clue

Oh wow...

Ok, seriously, i'm scared

WTF is that Vanessa? god damn hippie

Martinez hangin out

I really don't even want to guess what Will is thinkin about right now

Me and Kathryn takin one of Charlie's concoctions

Oh Snap!

Will, Kathryn, and Alysha

Wow, Greg givin Hot Emily a nice little hug from the back

Me and some hotties at Dirtbags

Jenny and Cindy both in fine form

Ryan looks like he's doin pretty well for the night

Zach, Cindy and hot Emily

Kerenna, hot Emily, and Amanda

Lucas, Morgan and Alysha, I can't believe I was still able to take pictures at this point

Abbie and Cindy, er ner

The kitchen window at some house that Ryan and I almost cut through so we wouldn't have to walk all the way around it....that would have been a BAD idea

Ryan and I waitin at the bus stop for Alysha to pick us up...can you say Irony