Another Random Tuesday Night at Trident

Whatau Bitches, Whatau!


Taste it!

Stanton's amazing new beer pong table...if only it still looked like this

This is why I need a fucking door knob

Honestly, I don't come into your rooms and wake you up...fuckers

Darrel preparin for a hit from the liquor bong

So gross

Now Darrel realizes why no one ever uses it

Little guy all tuckerd out and passed out...on my couch even though he lives downstairs

Paul and I come home to find ChiTown's front door wide open and him passed out on his kitchen floor...needless to say we helped him into bed and after doing so, really wish we hadn't

I have never seen ChiTown this fucked up was AWESOME!

I don't think he has ANY clue where the fuck he is

Perhaps he thought he was in the bathroom?

Paul and Dodds

Umm....I win?

Scottie Eh ridin around with Paul, in my car, at 8am

Paul owed me $10 so rather than just give it to me he buys me 3 gin and tonics... so I thanked him and took all 3 to the face, at once

Me, Laura, Nicki and two other randoms

Hot Emily makin a cameo on a Tuesday night

Nicki and I forget, shit...stephanie maybe?

Paulstar and Paul...absolutely priceless, I win!

Me and Alysha

Lucas, Big Dick, Nick came back from London because he said it sucked(?) and ChiTown

Ok fine, I'll give you a hug

I don't know what I did or said but I really wish I could remember so I could do it again

Me and Emily, at this point my left eye is almost totally shut, I really need to stop drinkin a 1/5th before goin out

Paul and Darrel takin the Dead rotten cow shots that Paulstar bought them...what an asshole

Now that is fuckin hot

Alysha and Dan

Darrel, Big Mike and Paul

The tongue is always out? Why?

ChiTown, Alysha and Big Dick

Thanks for looking at the camera... assholes

Nice to see you too Tyler

Yes Alysha, we all know Big Dick is soooo cute

Yes, that is a bottle of 151 in Charlie's hand, and yes it sent a girl to the bathroom... awesome

Mike pointin to the bathroom where the chick just ran after takin the shot

Hardy and Pimp Tight takin shots

I forget what Mike did or said, but it was enough to make me buy him a tequila shot... his favorite

Ohhh, it tastes soo good


Charlie looks like a fuckin deer caught in headlights

I forget

Tyler and Charlie showin their grr face

Shot time with Kurt... don't remember this or anything past this point really

Darrel and half of Will's face

Darrel and gay Pierre who is apparently a french teacher... sooo random

That looks like it was a tasty shot

I swear Josh forgets the last 2 buttons every time

Josh and some random

Nice ceiling shot...shit

Paul...and i'm pretty sure someone else was supposed to be in this

You can tell that Paul sincerely cares about what this girl is saying

Hey asshole, camera is over here

Paul puts on the drunk smile

Josh givin some lovin

Maybe we should just start calling them Ace and Gary instead of Charlie and Tyler

Charlie, Tyler and Keith

Apparently at this point smiling AND keeping his eyes open were just too complicated to do at the same time

Another 151 shot? I think so

Don't remember what this was, but it's a good possibility that Mike just had the 151 shot

WHATAU bitches

Ryan, Me and Hardy takin shots of Ouzo... such a bad idea

Me and Hardy

How the hell can you actually like Ouzo?

Darrel havin trouble standin on his own so the wall is helpin him out

Where the fuck did Shredded come from?

I gotta stop doin drugs

ODB got he went to South Tucson and bought another fucking chicken

Dodds havin some fun playin with the chicken

Zuke balancing the chicken on a golf club

Paul talkin to the wife

It was chemlight night at Trident