Random Weekend Pics @ PCL, Golf, and Martini Ranch

Including the Triple 5 Fashion Show...that sucked


Beefcake passed out...in my bed

Lindholm and Amy

Me and Beefcake

Lindholm's artistic shot of a Corona bottle

Beefcake, me and Lindholm

Jager Bombs for sure

Me and Sutton

Hersker, Sutton, me and the little mexican glass thief

Darrel lookin super important



Emily and Amy

In the chair

Lindholm lookin extra sexy

Adam shows up bombed and jumps on Lindholm

Adam is so fucking awesome at this point, it's retarded

The best 5 mins. of this chicks life

Did I mention that the glass was filled with Vodka, not water...oops

Lindholm, Adam and Darrel

The amount of hair on that girls are is gross

Hersker gettin a nice little lap dance

Fuckin creepy guy


Me and Little One

Sutton and Josipa

Jesus, longest dance ever

Sweet ass...crack

Josipa offering constructive critisizm

Lindholm and Josipa

Why do you look so mad at your girlfriend


Super fags

Sweet top

She's got amazing eyes

You wish...

Maybe not

I forget

Me and Josipa


Me, Josipa, Sutton and Beefcake

Fucking homo

Nice to see he can stay awake long enough for us to close out

Josipa and Sutton

And Adam is leaving

This is what I like to call a teaser

There we go

Me and josipa

Dude, could u look any less angry

Wrong move apparently...

Why so scared?

Drink up girl

Adam bleeding all over the back of my car

Adam passed out...in Darrel's bed

Random dude on the couch?

Adam now passed out underneath the ironing board...wow

Ok, he's back into bed

Darrel and Tyson, passed out in my bed

Tyson is the most spoiled dog ever


So we decided to play golf

Ya, we're awesome

So close Mr. Cake

Why won't you just go home ball?


Paul and Beefcake in a cart super far away

Josh out lookin for his ball

I'm waaayyy too important to be playing golf right now



Me, being awesome

Josh and Paul

Darrel and his amazing form

Hey everyone, come and see how good I look while I pose

Sweet dance Josh

Paul and Beefcake

Pit stop for booze

Hmm...don't see my ball over here anywhere

Isn't it a little dark...haha, can anyone say foreshadow?

Josh tryin to get one last hole in

Paul squished as shit into the back seat

Me, Josipa and Kayla

That's it, pull your hair out u fuckin weirdo

Some chick doin her thing

And again...

This thing was so gay


Blah blah

So nice...

The only homo in the show

Michelle, Josipa and Kayla

My 3 favorites

That bitch had CRAZY hair

Paul and Josipa

Me and Kayla =)

Josipa, Me and Kayla


6 fake titties...awesome

Best ones of all...

Paul creepin out Kayla...weird

Kayla payin for drinks with all ones...so awesome

Come on, you can do better than that

Ya...that's what I thought


Smokin hot body

Haha...I won't be mean

Cause it is just WAY too easy with this one

Dave, Beefcake and Me @ Martini Ranch

Me, Olivia, and Dave

Me and Olivia

Me and Kayla

A pint glass full of booze...very nice


Beefcake and Josipa


Paul rockin a super lame gay ass train conductor hat


And she loves it...

Get her Paul

Ok, nicely done

Me and Hal

Josipa, Olivia and Kayla

Dave and Beefcake

Kayla, Me and Josipa

Olivia usin Kayla's titties as a pillow...good idea

I know, I know...I'm so awesome, it hurts

Looking the total wrong direction

Josipa and Dave

Kayla, wasted, lying on the ground outside


You are fucking nuts

Kayla jumping in the pool, which is maybe 50 degrees

My new favorite rockstar