I Love Blackout Tuesday and Thursday

Last Minute Binge Drinking Practice for Acapulco


Tealdi and Paul...how cute

Walters and Josh sayin hola

J and Walters

Team Blackout!

Charlie looks like a fuckin midget

It's cool, It's cool

Roman rolled his sleeves up so they wouldn't get in his way on this shot

Me, Alysha and Randi

Alysha thinkin she is takin a pic w/ Jon.....silly girl

Now Alysha is in a pic with Freshman Paul

I don't know why Paul doesn't look happier?

Josh takin the night off

Walters givin Hadar a little encouragement...good call bud

Fosse, Coach, and Alysha, and oh ya, Josh's finger

Cute Coach bag, you fuckin homo Coach

Drew partyin like a rockstar as always

Everyone looks so happy

Paul and Lucas

Peace out Paul

Paul can't believe how good he smells

Apparently Walters already knew she likes it in the ear

Jon, Coach, and Josh all blacked out, as if you couldn't tell

Thanks for drinking my pitcher of whores you fuckin pricks

Layton chokin some dude out

Me, Kevin and Brendan enjoyin Royal Flush shots all around

Chach on chach action

And I wonder why I wake up not knowing where I am

You wish Jon

Ben and some random Dirtbags chick

MIS Represent with Alysha and JC

Me and PR

This is why I don't give my camera out

I'm pretty sure John is so fucked up that he thinks he is grabbin his own tits

Whatever Paul is doing to Randi....doesn't look good


More booze for Jos

Hands off, Fucker

No recollection of this at all

Me and Lysh

No clue

Very creative JC

Me and Lysh...a little fuzzy

Um......nice tongue ring?

How the hell did this end up upside down?

Elon wins...well, sort of

Vicki, Himmel, Randi and Syd

Random pack of Ingin Spirits

Darrel tryin to teach Randi the shimmy dance

J trying to choke Darrel out by totally surprising him

It is really sad that Josh looks the most sober in this picture

Jared wants more, and I think Darrel has had enough

HOLY SHIT! Darrel drinking beer

Still goin

Jon passed out at Dirtbags

Hey, look who Coach found

Me and Alysha at Dirtbag's

No chance Jon.....no chance

Clarky pretending to pay attention to Alysha

Those of us still left for one last shot at last call....BOO YA KA SHA

Is it just me, or does Brendon look like a homeless crack addict? Maybe it's just me

Protivity represent....not so much

Us gettin kicked out of Dirtbags

Gotta love MIS441 team all nighters when two team mates pass out

Crowe's back windshield I shattered after throwing a trash bag off the roof and missing.....shit

Josipa, Tyler, Mark, Paul and Mike @ Trident

Mike and Mark

The smile says it all

Chris, Paul and Mike all hammered @ Trident

Me standing in the middle of Speedway and Compbell takin a picture, looking back on it, it probably wasn't the best idea

Just go with it Fosse, it's gonna happen eventually

Me and fuckin Gil...MIS Represent

Serra, Maggie and Alice @ Dirtbags

Paul, Chris, Kacey, Krystal, Lauren and Paul

Paul, Becky and Paul

Me and Becky


Me and Phil

Clean up crew

Back of someone's head

Ward and Wu

OM Ben chillin by the fireplace

How can people be so fucking bad at taking pictures?

Me and OM Ben

Candice and Scottie Eh

Well I know one of them is blacked out, and if Kelly is smiling at me that means she probably is too

Scottie Eh and Candice....how cute

Me and Anthony

Gabe always seems surprised when I try and take a picture

Chris and Brendon

Donald mixin up some good shit as usual

Ok, I really like all thses guys, but this picture is just WAY too gay for words

If anyone knows where the fuck this is PLEASE telll me cause I have no idea where or when I took it