Vegas for the Weekend...By Myself

Everyone else bailed, but I still had fun


I come back up to my room to get more chips, and this retard is passed out outside my door. Motherfucker never even said thanks

Kendra signing autographs

Kendra and Holly

I can't believe he actually showed up

Hef walkin by

I fuckin missed him again

Knudten and his brother

No clue

It's gonna be a long night

Smile everyone

Why does Vertu have it's own store? Is that really necessary

Chillin at the table

Random hottie

Random girls the door guy @ Tryst offered us

I'm in love w/ the chick on the left


If only we weren't in Vegas

Her and her friend


Most amazing legs ever

Grant and the girls


I forget

Dave hangin out

Knudten telling some chick the worst story ever

Knudten and some chick that was engaged...nice try bud

Dave and the short chick

She had to stand on a chair...

Otherwise she was small...booo

Randoms...poor girls think they're hot

I hope that pole can hold her

Aren't there supposed to be bouncers for stuff like this?

Time to throw up the gang signs...weird

This would be the exact opposite of awesome

See...told you

Jeff is awesome at pretending to pay attention

Accidental pic

Me and I forget, but she was fun

Bachelorettes at the table next to us

I should have just stopped drinking a long time ago...oh well

She was diggin the tongue ring

Random asian guy...little creepy

Token wasted face

Playin a little leg guitar


Her friend can't believe her

I think she had to pee or soemthing?

Did she really just pee outside?

Don't look too happy

Maybe you should slow down? Keeping up with me is a bad idea

This girl was gettin tossed around all night


See, look what happens when you try and keep up...a mess!

Just kidding, don't cry Princess

Jeff and the engaged chick

Louis is rubbin off on her, gettin her to throw up gang signs

Me and Louis, my new Vegas bar guide

Ya, I know, he's retarded but please, don't point. It's rude

Jeff and I forget

Dude, she's crazy, RUN!

Me and I forget, again

Sweet coat cool guy

He's not gonna eat you

See, he's really funny

Dude, let her go, she's not that hot

Still talkin

Well played dude, well played

No shame

She'd do in a pinch

Random shot inside Tryst

High fivin' in public...awesome

And another random

They were better than the chubby beasts

Randoms getting paid to prance around

Where did this girl come from?


She's all yours dude

Finding random chicks for us

Chick in the purple pulling her friends top down...awesome

Those dudes were lovin it. Her, not so much

Wrong way

Sweet double chin, everyone laughed

Me and the randoms from Scottsdale

Jeff, your hair is fine

Jeff and I back downstairs playin craps

Passed the fuck out

Jeff after he stole like 8 vitamin waters from the cart lady...thx dude

Mornings in Vegas are no fun

Smile little guy

Jeff kickin back

All of us outside the Palms before they dropped me off at the airport...which lasted all of 20 mins

Random billboard we saw on the way to the airport....until I got there and I decided to change my flight and hang out at the pool w/ Colleen

I know why Billy is smiling, but I've got no clue why Jess is laughing...

Palms pool

Other way

Heeeeyyyyy Colleen...

No clue

Another random

Billy hangin out

Colleen and Jessica

Is it really necessary to rep a clothing line while sitting at the pool....apparently so

Way to rep the SGM

How cute...and by cute I mean gay

If those little kids only knew

The multiple picture at the same time idea didn't really work out

Jessica's ass...she'd do in a pinch

Redo cause the last one "wasn't good enough "

No faces...

Weak sauce...make out for real

I'll let you use your imagination for this one

Me and Colleen

Creepy dude chillin in the pool chair

'I'm a model I swear, look I can pose like one'

Not bad...

Much better...kinda missed the point of getting the background but I can deal

Me and Jessica

Billy puttin out the vibe

Hot waitress chick

Those rooms would have been a way better idea

I forget

Colleen, your brother would not be pround

Dude walkin by got in the way

Totally should have stayed in one of those with the pool

Ok, jokes gone on long enough

Ok, I get it, you're a model


The other token model pose...she is kinda good at it

I really want to say she had a number written on her ass but I don't really remember

It was definitely something though

Action shot of Colleen jumpin into the chair

"Take a picture of my ass" Ok, if I have to

"Wait, do it again, I don't like that one" picky

Colleen wasn't very centered but close enough

Billy talkin to some random smokin' hot chick

...who had on the best bikini bottoms ever

Adam and the random hotties

Sweet ass girl

'Dude, I swear, I'm not red'....ok, whatever you say

Random hotties from Miami sitting next to us

Sweet shoes Jess...give them back to Adam

Nice Colleen

Adam's shoes look way better on him

Get her Adam

Adam, Jess, Me and Colleen poolside

Sounds familiar

Billy and Craig chillin....puttin out the vibe

Steve, Billy and Craig

BFF! ...and yes, Colleen wanted me to take the picture like this

Colleen and her boys

This chick was hot, too bad she hated the heat in Phoenix