Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

Worst Vegas Trip EVER!


Josh, Beefcake AND Paul in the back seat tryin to watch a movie...not happenin

Darrel found a new favorite restaraunt

Maybe I should have made a wish to not lose

Lions in MGM

Josh goin straight for some hot girl that walked by

Paul and some random chick...she obviously wants to fuck him

Treasure Island

The Mirage

One of the Venetian towers and the Mirage

Same picture...oops

McDonalds and Chipolte in the same place...sneaky bastards

Saddle up ladies

Some bum sleepin on a bench in the Aladdin

Our four person suite @ the Aladdin

Random home automation shit at the CES show


More useless shit

And the point of taking this picture?

Wow, they just keep getting better

Smart oven from Microsoft

71" Plasma....I want it

Paul is drunk enough to try and rock Josh's unbuttoned look

"My life is over, I lost all my money and I have a girlfriend"

Apparently two eyes open were too much to ask for

Random dancer chick @ Rain

Midget dancin between two not so hot chicks...still cool cause it's a midget

Another random hot dancer chick

From this point on Paul had the camera and started taking random pictures...oh well

Electronics cage that runs Rain

Random shot from VIP

Another random

6 asians and a white dude...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he owns a porno site

Paul with 4 random asians

Either an upskirt shot or Paul's finger?

Bouncer dude

It's amazing how much better people look in low light

Huge ass asian dude and some hot chick with big boobs

Maybe they were hot...nope

Atleast the chick on the left is hot

What made Paul take this one is beyond me

I dont think it would be possible for that chick's pants to be riding any lower

She's cute...kind of

Sweet, a random dude

Paul wearing the random's glasses

Nice tits

Oh snap!


Woah, extreme closeup


Ya, she's hot


Who knows

That guy must be fuckin loaded

She obviously wants to fuck Paul

She's hot

Paul's shoe

Ehhh...maybe they looked better under black light...probably not



She's hot

Look at the way he pours that drink, such style, such elegance...or not

Honestly, WTF

Woah, turn the flash off

Tight hat, better watch

Wow, little scary

I'm gonna guess Paul dropped his drink

Not bad

Hot waitress


Paul is apparently brushin up on his voyeur skills

Now the close up...

What the fuck is she doing with him?

Nice shirt

She's wasted...but still pretty hot