Random Weekend Trip to Vegas w/ Jason for Teddy's Bachelor Party

We aren't even getting married and we still had more fun


Teddy's cousin...sweet shades dude

I swear I wasn't that drunk yet...ok, that's a lie

I would start counting and say me and random number 1 but I'd lose count...ya, i'm awesome

It's cool, I didn't want a picture of your busted friends anyway

The scissor gang is all over Vegas

Randoms...she was hot

Krauss chillin


Nice shoes...they look familiar

Ok, it's time for your old ass to get the fuck out

I'd stay away from that one dude...

More randoms

Way to let your friend get married...especially coming from the girls who conveniently slipped their wedding rings off half way through the night after makin out with everyone

Sweet hat

Hey girls! Check out my iPhone... I can't believe this line still works

Me and Polka dot girl

I better get that bottle back

Jason takin down some Patron

Someone stole a hat, nicely done

Put yout tongue away...no one wants to see that

Jason snorting some Patron...everyone has a hobby?

Polka dots and Jason

Fireball @ Rain. EVERYONE get real excited and scream for the fire...fuckin lame, the fog horn in Mexico is way better

Dance floor...or what you can see of it @ Rain from the Skybox

Little scary

That is not the most attractive face...you probably don't want to do that, ever again

Random hottie

She's gotta be the manager

No clue

I don't even know

I totally missed the cool hair toss shot on this one...oh well

Ya, that's it, hit her over the head with your bottle, that's a great idea

Next time try to concentrate a little less on smiling, it might look a little more natural

I don't know why you're looking at her pictures, mine are way better

Ya Polka dot girl, work it!

Kind of scary...

That's even more scary

Ya, I'm awesome

Eric, Me, Jase, and I forget but that guy was cool

I don't even know where to begin on this one

Ya dude, you're super sweet, we get it

Baihls takin a picture of himself

1..2...3...don't blink.

Seriously...give me back my camera

This chick was hot...that's about all I got cause I don't even remember her

Just because you are in Vegas doesn't mean you can wear gay shoes and no one will notice

Well, it looks like she didn't really care

Ya, I know, I'm fuckin sweet

Oh the places I could go with this one...but I'll play nice

Some chick grabbin some titties

Parker hammered...shouldn't you be lookin for a married chick to fuck around with?

How cute, a room full of chicks and you boys pick each other to cuddle with

Sweet ass....I think

At least Jason saved the camera...his pants, not so much

Jason standing up in hopes his pants will dry faster

Dude, the bathrooms weren't that far away

Get her Parker...I love that she doesn't even bother to take off her wedding ring, very classy

Last time Teddy was quasi-coherant

Sweet phone holder

Token picture walking through the MGM

Chillin @ ESPN Sportszone

This would be the picture right after they walked through the casino with their arms around each other's waist

Random Irish chick doin her dance...poor girl, she should at least be topless seeing as it is in Vegas

Bails hammered as fuck wearin his new shirt

Jason and Teddy

The "irish" version of a chopped chicken salad...now that is some fuckin bullshit

Teddy's wedding picture...passed out on someone else's table on the bottom level, well played

Coolest old Irish guy ever...taking car bombs with us

Teddy passing out at the bar beer in hand

Dave having to hold Teddy's head up...nice

And let the fun begin :-)

Goodnight Teddy...at least you made it that long

Jennifer, my new favorite chick from Texas

Jason, Jessica, Jennifer and me outside 9 Fine

All that was left of the group Saturday night, pitiful...maybe Teddy should get married

We win...

Me and Jessica in the limo

Dave can't even look at her pictures they are so bad

Ok creepy dude with the camera, you can stop now

Nice shot but that's enough

Oh MY GOD! Stop looking at our pictures from the last 3 nights!

Jessica and Me

...and again

Jennifer and Jessica

Creepy guys hangin outside Spearimint Rhino...the dude on the right has some gnarly teeth

Jason staring off into space... adderall must be wearing off

Nice (tits)shirt

Um...yea, I don't even know but she was awesome

Jase and Jennifer

Me and Jennifer...I look totally gay

Ok, much better...I win

Me rockin the best board shorts ever with Jennifer @ the Palms bar

Grab them titties girl

Jennifer tryin to get in touch with Jessica after reading her number off my arm...always a good sign

Jason was so dissapointed he didn't get to wear his favorite shirt

See, look how well it fits!

Jason relaxin for all of 10 minutes

Jennifer coming to the conclusion she probably isn't gonna make her flight

Hooray...I'm awesome

Keep playing with your hair some more

Jason and Jennifer at breakfast/lunch

Jason runnin back up to the room to grab all of the cash he left in the safe after we checked out...nice

'Do I have something in my teeth' My new favorite cougar does the same thing as the old one....fuck you Darrel

Jason and Jennifer waitin for the cab that took FOREVER

Wait wait! I found my camera!

Me, Jennifer and Jason....great ending to a fucking amazing weekend