Whiskey River, Dirty Pretty and the Most Random Night Ever

Beginning of August Fun...hooray!


Mom, Lyndsey, John and Beefcake @ Dirty Dogg

Fun in the cab

and some more...

Mom doin a little dance

Me and Lyndsey

Stupid chick playin pool got in the way

If only you could see where everyone's hands are at this point...oh well

Lyndsey and Mom

Best contest ever

Lyndsey showin her mean face

John, Darrel, Josipa, Me and Lyndsey

Mom and Lyndsey...smashed

Mom enjoyin Lyndsey's pillows

Ya Mom, show those westside chicks how it's done

Nice Mom, nice

Lyndsey, me and Josipa


Me and Lyndsey sober as can be

Lyndsey using a water bottle top as a nose...random

Look at me!

Christmas Darrel...where's my fucking present?

Cynch @ Dirty Pretty

Oh snap! the girls are getting drunk...sweet

Chick on chick on chick lap dances are awesome...

Cyncha and Kelly

Sara, Cynthia and Kelly

Best shirt of all time

YAY booze!

Megan and Britney reunion...they were apart for a whole 5 mins

Michelle is so confused

Jason, Michelle, Jason and mike

Britney and Megan playing on the pole

That's it girl, pop, drop and lock it!

More pole action

Bridget joining them on the pole

Still goin

Uh oh, this doesn't look good

Bridget can't believe the fat chick just kicked her off the pole

She even tried dancing with her...but there was no room

Sara doin a birthday dance!

Cynthia and Bridget

Megan and Casandra

Me and I forget

Jason, Nemo and Me

Cyncha doin the robot...nice

The iPhone has the power to draw anyone in and ignore everything else goin on

Me and Brooke

Kelly got tired of the amateur pole dancers so she decides to show them what's up

Cyncha decided to hop in on the fun

Cyncha on the pole

Sara and I forget platyin on the pole

Too much booze...

Me and Jason...both completely sober, and by sober I mean not at all

The girls back on the pole...again

Sam, Me and Eugenea

Beefcake chillin in my bed on the phone...look, no hands

Phoenix Mercury game...ya, I didn't know who they were either

Half time show...the 3 worst bands ever

Two 6 year olds singing lead vocals to "Paradise City"...a little weird not gonna lie

So we left the Mercury game and went to the DBacks game

Sweet seats

Me and Amber

And again right before we left

Amber dancin on the bar @ Sliders w/ the Deloitte trainees after the game

Amber made a new friend

Cougars at the other end of the bar dancin

...and again

Tim, the coolest manager ever taking tequila shots...I wish he was my manager

The Deloitte newbies who for sure were hurting the next morning

Amber looking cute in the hat she stole from the bartender

Amber giving the bartender his hat back

Amber dancing on the bar by herself...rockstar

Amber is totally sober

"Take a picture of my ass"

Thank God for water...

Me and Amber at the end of one of the most fun nights I've had