X-Mas Vacation 2004

Xmas, New Years and Partyin in Tucson


How cute...the prom pose

Happy B'day Brenden

Enjoy that dead rotten cow shot

mmm mmm....ya right

Hooray for tequila shots

And I forgot all their names...shit

Jessica and Jerod

2 Random hotties Brendan knows

I forget their names...shit


22nd b'days are never as cool as 21 but Brenden is goin to pretend anyway

Me and Jessica

Me and Jessica....again

Benetti's g/f and her crew

Don't remember

Brenden some random

Brenden and his boys from high school

Licking whip cream off some chicks tits on the bar...sweet

Lick that shit


Oh snap!

Another chick who pussed out before her bra came off

Look up, not down

Brenden and his ex...I think?

Some random chick who wouldn't shut the fuck up

Lori doin the dishes cause the fuckin dishwasher broke

Mark chillin on the couch

Mark rockin his Santa hat on Xmas

Oh Boy! A new towel set...just what Mark wanted for Xmas

Lori holdin up her new favorite shirt...GO CATS!


Extreme closeup on Mark

Noel tryin homemade ice cream for the 1st time

Mark passed out

Rainbow on the way back down to Tucson

Me, Leslie and Kelly

Me, Borto and some dude who goes to Notre Dame

Put your fuckin hand down

That's better

Lindholm havin a good time at Trident

Leslie and Kelly...how cute

Leslie, Ryan, Kelly

Darrel fuckin wasted in the bathroom at Trident

Paulstar wasted at Trident

Work it Borto

Paulstar and Missy


Quit looking at it and drink it

Missy taking a shot!

Beefcake passed out naked on his floor...awesome

Shredded passed out on my couch w/ a girl...no surprise there

Tyson licking Kelly's tits....good boy

Tyson snuggling w/ Shredded

Cute purse Shredded

Tyson and Kelly

Shredded out cold

Me and Lindsay Lohan

Tyson makin himself comfy on shredded

Me and Lauren at the moon

Lauren, Lauren and Lauren...how cute

Shot time @ the Moon!

Oh snap, look who we found at the Moon

Get her Garret

Not sure who's face is worse

How cute, it's like Garret and Lauren are at prom

For once I'm not the one in the picture with an eye closed

Garret is just a dancin machine

Lindholm's boxers he had to use to clean up Darrel's puke in his car

In case you missed it the first time...

Lindholm and his shot of Absinthe

Down the hatch

Mmm mmm good

Kelly and I tried to do a statue of liberty shot together...bad idea

Gotta love the Meat Rack

More randoms

"Just pop your girl in the chair, flip it up and lick her like a snow cone"

God's penis ring


Little scary

Leslie commin out of the bathroom after tryin to buy a condom

Doc C gettin nice and lit at the Meet Rack

I love you Lindsay

Leslie, Carter and Kelly

Clarky passed out back at my place

How the fuck does Tyson do that?

Tucson sunset

Paul with some Suns dancers

Paul and Shredded

Random party shot

So hot, so drunk

Another random

Last one...I think

Jason spittin some game

Cheers Paul

April sending Happy New Year text messages to her whole phone book

Get her Paul

Random Suns chicks

Always room for another

I'm in love


I love you Phoenix Suns dancers

Everyone boozin it up in back

Paul makin sure I see him

Ryan and Kelly

Jason and his friends

Way to go Jason, spill all over someone else's house

Shredded gettin some lovin

I can't wait to move to Scottsdale


April and Paul

Sweet fuckin turtle neck sweater

Who brought the freshman?

Ya, April is pretty hot

Jason playin dealer

Paul and Darrel have the addiction

Oh Snap!

Shredded and Beefcake mealin on what's left of the food

Pharmacist girl's amazing stomach

So gross


Awesome, hot girls straddling each other

Holy shit, even better

That's fuckin hot

Not only was he drunk enough to hang from a tree, but he got kicked out of Sugar Daddys for making his own food in the kitchen...awesome

Leslie Christmas present and Tyson's new favorite chew toy

Kelly enjoyin some popcorn

Ya, its good

Tyson chillin on his bed

Borto and Arta...more importantly Arta at a bar

Jayme and Josh...how cute

You know its a slow night when the door guys have time to string a whole head

Me and Kelly

And again...

Will pleading to not get kicked out for sneakin his friend in the back

Not goin so well

And the douchebag manager doesn't care

Kelly and Amber

Kelly and Borto freakin

Oh snap!

Smile girls

Barbara and Deutch

Come on...just do it

The head tilt

Lauren and Amber


Kelly and Amber kissing...score!

Kelly back at my house sitting on my kitchen floor eating pickles...so hot