Christmas and New Years 2006

Family Time Leads To Booze Time


Messy hangin out wt the crib

You know how I know Adam is gay...he takes Jello-O shots

Layton with the perfect drop

Some chick fuckin the Santa at Dos

Messy and Mo cruisin around on the spectator cart

Lori chillin in the golf cart

Messy and Maureen tryin to catch up

Come on guys

Me and Lori cruisin around in the golf cart

The tree @ the crib

Lori rockin her Santa hat

Messy cold kickin it live

Messy, Maureen and Noel

Noel's sweet new placemat

Noel and his sweet new pillow

Noel holdin up his back of the door coat hanger

Lori openin up my sweet wrapin' job

Dad openin up his books

Oh ya Dad, hold up them books

Messy hangin out

The aftermath on the table

Messy countin up the bills

Lori with Noel sneakin in the background

Josipa unpludding every individual light in the Coach House bathroom hallway

Josipa wishin she was a cheerleader

Fuck the lens not opening

Me and Little One

Lamien...enough said

Josipa and Kayla

Me and Beefcake

Beefcake talkin shit to Santa

Kayla rockin her red shoes...lucky it is Xmas

Work it girl

I know, I know...Lamien sucks

See, look how much happier you are when you are with me =)

Darrel tryin to skull fuck Santa

Me and Maureen chillin on the couch

Me and Messy climbin up Camelback

Me, Lori and Messy

Random view

So sick..

East Valley

Lori takin pics

Me, Noel and Messy infront of the Xmas tree on top of Camelback

Me and Little One at Zuma on Xmas Day

Oh snap! That tequila was not so bueno

Oh it's cool...just fish it out

Me and Little One

Amanda...our fav. bartender @ far

Oh snap, we are wasted for sure

License plate of the dudes that fucked some dude up then took off

Lacey and Josipa makin out...awesome could you spill a Jager bomb, fuckinn weak

Oh sure, just laugh it off

Sweet wet spot on your ass


Jackie rockin out

ear muffs

I dunno?

Me and little One

Um ya, sweet pick...huge homo

Huge homo

Way too cool Lacy, and Josipa

Lacy whispering to Josipa

Hi, I'm Lacy, I'm wasted


Don't even try and act like you are pissed

Little One, Me, Lacy, and Jackie

Chitown and his chick

Chitown and Me

Chitown, Me and Dave

Chitown's Chick

Chitown's Chick and Me

Me and Dante

This guy was a DOUCHE!

Some random chick

Random, Dante, and Nacho

Matt gettin some love

So random!

Random and Dante

Me and the random

Francesca and Me

Nacho is wasted

Chitown gettin a lap dance from his chick

Woah dude, easy now

Me, Chitown, his chick and Dave

Beefcake, Me and Jason at Mezaluna

Beefcake wiped out so hard he ripped through Paul's gloves.....awesome

Cincha rockin her hat so that, "she always knows where she is"

Lance and Christine

Kelly and Jason

Cincha and Kelly

Me and Cincha

Christine gettin ready

Beefcake all but passed out

Jason takin a power nap

Cincha lookin all hot and shit

Cincha, Christine, and Lance

Lance and the Xmas tree in the village

Beefcake, Scott and Me @ George's

Jason wishin he was somewhere else

Kelly smilin and Cincha is just WAY too cool for school to smile

Me and Jason

What up Mr. Cake

Me, Scott, Beefcake and Lance

Lance and Christine

Ohhh, how cute

Beefcake poundin his shit before we left

Beefcake, Kelly and Jason infront of the tree

The most illuminated Xmas tree ever!

I forget

Scott, Lance and Christine...after Scott told us, "i've laid plenty of pipe, don't you worry about me"

Lights of Vail from the balcony of the crib

And again

And again

View in the morning

View of the neighbors private driveway entrance

View of the crib from the road

Mountain view from the Gondola drop off

Ski lift with Beefcake on it commin up

Fireworks early for early New Years




So I lost my shoes the 1st night we went out, which left me in my fuckin flip flops for the rest of the bueno at all, so cold

Me, Beefcake, Josh, Cincha, Val, Kelly and Jason @ Mezaluna

Cinch rockin her napkin as part of the outfit...i guess that's hot, not at all

However, that is so hot I would even let Cincha sleep with me after that picture

Josh rockin his New Year gear

Val and Josh

Kelly playin Zoro

Princess Kelly

Darrel all dressed up

Me and KelBell

Darrel with shit all over him

Love you too Jase

Me and Mr. Cake

Jason and Kelly

Jason and Me

Jason, Me and Darrel

Jason rockin his sweet tie on his cock...weird


Is it just me, or is Josh about to try and kiss that dude

Kelly, Jason and Darrel

Beefcake with TWO ties

Val rockstarin' it up

Just wait, you'll see why I took it

The coat check chick is hot BUT...

Um ya, fuckin dude passed out on the kitchen floor...sooooo awesome

Me and Jason....this looks kinda gay, not gonna lie

Beefcake double fistin

Me and Mr. Cake

Beefcake with his Oreo's

Ya, I know, I know, I'm fucking awesome

The house behind ours

View from the deck

More views

And more

Even more

Ya, our place was fuckin sick

View from loft upstairs lookin down

Loft/Master bedroom

Cincha enjoyin her coffee

The light was bad

Me, Jason and Darrel on the deck outside the crib

Random huge crib

The town below

random scenic

fuck ya dude, a snow man with a blunt and a bottle of wild turkey

So fucking awesome!